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April 17th 2011
Published: April 17th 2011
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Outside the 2nd tallest building in the worldOutside the 2nd tallest building in the worldOutside the 2nd tallest building in the world

Before drinking at the highest bar in the world at the Shanghai World Financial Center
Shanghai was the complete opposite of Beijing. Beijing is about the past whereas Shanghai is about the future. Enormous skyscrapers and crazy lights everywhere. One of the nicest things about Shanghai was that you didn’t feel as much of a tourist everywhere. In Beijing, everything we did the Chinese would be watching you or asking for your picture. In Shanghai, most didn’t look twice. After some quick showers after checking into the hotel, we walked to the Bund, which is a long boardwalk that shows off the massive skyscrapers everywhere. Our hotel was only a few minute walk from this and feet from Shanghai's famous shopping street, Nanjing Road.

As a group, we attended a show by Shanghai’s famous acrobats which was possibly the best show i’ve seen in my life. These people had much more skill then Circus De Sol using just a small stage and mostly basic props. They did amazing tricks on bicycles and motorbikes, tons of balancing and flexibility acts and much more. Everyone was in awe the entire time, and they allow pictures and videos to be taken so hopefully i can put together a video mix to post, but they were simply
Hazy view from the BundHazy view from the BundHazy view from the Bund

Shanghai skyline from the Bund

The next day we went to the Shanghai museum, which was alright. Then a few of us split from the group and searched for the Shanghai sex museum which was quite the adventure. We ended up at the second tallest building in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center which is the one that looks like a giant bottle opener and found out they have the “highest bar in the world” there, although i’m sure i have been to bars in Amsterdam that were “higher.” Also, it turns out the Shanghai sex museum got to big and moved to another building 15 miles outside the city, so we never got to see it. Instead we went back to the hotel and put on some nicer clothes to go have some drinks at a bar on the 93 floor. I'm not exactly how high it was since each floor varied in height, but the building itself 1,614 feet high so i'm guessing about 100 feet below that. It was a pretty amazing view but the city shuts the lights off the skyscrapers at 10pm and when you add in the constant haze and pollution, you couldn't see much after that, but I included a picture we took outside looking up at the tower. Now we are off to Xi’an by another overnight train to see the ancient capital and the Terracotta warriors!

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17th April 2011

looks wonderful
Alan - have a great time. Aunt Anne and Uncle Howard

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