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June 15th 2010
Published: June 15th 2010
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Shanghai 010Shanghai 010Shanghai 010

me with our guide on the metro


First let me tell you a little bit about our guide...Her English name is Carol , she is 22, and WE LOVE HER! She is super cute and her English is excellent. She has lived in Shanghai her whole life so she knows the city inside and out and is serving as an excellent translator. I have got many pictures with her so you'll get to see what she looks like.

Early in the morning our guide took us to the fabric market where they make clothes overnight. It is just stalls and stalls of tailors vying for your business. We decided to finally spend a little bit of money and we both ordered an article of clothing. We go to pick them up right before we leave so we will see how they turn out!

We then went to the 2010 Expo, which is basically the World's Fair. Every country has set up a huge pavililon/building where they display the culture and highlights of their country. It opened May 1st and is running through October. We were hoping that it wouldn't be to crowded; however, in typical China fashion, it was packed! A lot of the pavillions had lines that had a wait of over 3 hours. Mom and I were more concerned with seeing as much of the area and the countries as possible verses waiting in line forever. So we visited the countries with shorter lines, Chile, Crotia, most of the central and south American countries, and a few others. The buildings themselves were amazing to look at from the outside as each country had tried to out-do the next and attract visiters. The theme was Better City Better Life, so each country had displays about their plans for their future and ways to improve. For example, Mexico had a ton of kite looking things as part of their buildings to symbolize the use of wind energy verse a nonrenewable source. The expo symbol is this little blue man that is seen all over the expo and the city, I think I got a couple pictures with him! As we were leaving the expo there was a fun little parade with asian performers...they are so flexible!

After the expo we went and met some people that we know via High Point. We went to a bar that resembled an American bar and we watched the opening ceremonies for the World Cup. It was great being around some people who speak English.

The next day we got up early and went to the knock off markets. Mom and I are working on our bargaining and we got a few things we are happy with. We won't tell you and see if yall can tell the real from the fake when we get back.

After the fake market we grabbed some lunch at this Chinese restaurant where mom and I discovered an excellent green bean dish as well as fried noodles. We have found that Chinese people eat different then we do. They order a ton of different dishes and pass them around on lazy susans for everyone at the table to try. No one orders just one dish and eats only that. It is a great way to try different foods but we can't figure out how they stay so small with so much food! We went to this neighborhood called Tianzfang that was kind of hidden but so cute! It was full of narrow streets with fun little shops and restaurants and seemed very out of place in the hustle and bustle of the city.

After that our guide left us and mom and I wandered over to this neighborhood called the Bund. It is a really popular place here over looking the river and the city. We ended up eating dinner at 9:30 at this cute place called Mr. and Mrs. Bund which we would recommend to anyone. I have had several Asian people ask me if they could take my picture or a picture with me, and sometimes I just see them snapping photos of us sneakily. It is very funny!

The next day we leave for Beijing!

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Shanghai 020Shanghai 020
Shanghai 020

UKs pavillion
Shanghai 061Shanghai 061
Shanghai 061

Chinas Pavillion

some random lady who wanted a picture with me

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