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October 3rd 2009
Published: October 3rd 2009
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Friday - 13th February 2009.


08.00 am... Board a flight to hangzhou

met Zhu Yi , a Malaysian student who sit in the right of the seats..he

inform us about china, his studies, weather and others.

13.00 pm.. Reach Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

14.00 pm- After Customs check, we take a photo….windy outside..nice weather

and in meantime Zhu Yi helps us to find the bus direct to Shanghai in

which he couldn’t due to some miscommunication problems with

Airport official.

( In airport, the signboard bus written in Chinese , therefore you need to remember and memorized the number )

Zhu Yi suggested us to take a bus to downtown Hangzhou and from there we can go to Railways station nearby and thus he help us bought a bus ticket which cost is 20 Yuan .

14.30 pm-Zhu Yi went to Suzhou by bus and we take a bus to downtown

Hangzhou ..its 30 minutes journey..

15.00 pm - Reach downtown Hangzhou …take a photo….take a walk to find the

Railways Station…aha…there’s a 4 star Hotel nearby..ask the bell

boy..he said..nearer..nearer but not showing the direction....Crazy..hehehehe.

Went to the Police Station ..ask the police…they don’t understand , so I write in a piece of paper and show to the police…so they said over there

15..05 pm Finally reach the Railways station…ask the policewomen there

cause the train written in Chinese and even the main board is written

in Chinese characters so which place should we go .. Shanghai or

Harbin ?...hehehehe

15.30 pm - Zul book the ticket at the cost 44 Yuan each but the

departure is 17.30 pm in meantime we wait la…take photo…is

beginning to get more windy and cold now

17.00 pm.- we are in The Train Terminal…so crowded but the police and train

official handle the situation well…met Fong Li…a girl of which her

voice reminds me of Japanese actress..Talk to her..she’s quite

understand but she speaks manglish ( Mandarin + English )…so we

just said ok..ok..for certain phrase that we don’t understand..

17.30 pm - Train arrived…rushing to get the train…said goodbye to her…Xie Xie .. Its 2 seats train..comfortable and each half an hour…the train

Stewardess is selling drinks , foods and cigarettes…we feel hungry

but scared to buy cause its non halal , so we just ZZZZZZZ

19.10 pm - Finally reach Shanghai Railways station… big and we try to find the way to taxi stand…we buy a China Telecom mobile sim card…100 Yuan with 50 Yuan credit and 50 yuan for the line…

20.15 pm - in the taxi stand,.,,there’s a illegal taxi driver offered us to the first is 120 Yuan and when we said Mei Yao, Mei Yao..he

offered us 80 Yuan…Call my friends Wu wei…she said no

need…take a a normal only around 30-50 Yuan to the hotel.

So we take a blue cab….is left hand drive smilliar like in Korea and

Russia ..funny is at one time the taxi drivers seems to not knowing

The hotel he shows me sign languages ask me to call

Wu wei so he can ask wu wei the location.

20.45 pm - Finally reach Lijing Hotel in Hankou Road ..just opposite Nanjing

road…call wu wei..she said she’s tired…offered to met us tomorrow


Pay the taxi..46 Yuan

in the Lobby counter…we’ll book for 3 nights incase in 4th night we

wanted to change the hotel..we have to pay deposits 1000 Yuan (

500 Yuan each ) the hotel rooms is 248 Yuan per room per night

( RM 130 )

Our room is 0909..nice number is it ?...

Now is dinner time ( Maggie Mee)..hehehehe

22.00 pm - went outside to see the night views of shanghai…

cold…during the walk…only a few people in the street

24.00 PM - went back to hotel…watching TV and sleep…China Drama ..very nice drama


Saturday - 14th February 2009.


10.00 am-. Wake up…I feels so tired…breakfast - bread and coffee in the

room..take a bath

11.00 am.-went out by walking…wah…the weather is nice ..windy.and little

cold…temperature is around +10..I think…its just a 5 minutes walk to

Nanjing Road …take many photo there.

12.00 pm - Reach People Square…the atmosphere is so nice….call Wu

wei ..she’s not answered..perhaps she’s busy or on the way to met


I saw a women wearing tudung with his father...definitely looks like

Malay woman and I try to talk in Malay and thus she wont

understand ..

13.00 pm - Went to Hong Kong Plaza underground shopping complex which is in

the People Square …the shops in the complex is mostly a teenagers

brand… in KFC for lunch…26.00 Yuan ( RM 14 ) for

1 set..ok la.

In meantime....we met an American Tourist nearby.they show us the

Direction to the Bund ( Wai Tian ).

14.30 pm.-Met wu wei in Raffles city ( A shopping complex ) in Nanjing happy as we had known in 5 finally i met

her.. she'll bring us to Foreign there we buy a map,

China flag, North Korean Flag ( Finally I found it as I’ve been

searching the flag during my 2nd visit to Seoul last 2 years )

and some chinese book....quite cheaper compare to M'sia..worth


15.00 pm-.we had coffee time in Starbuck coffee with wu wei...and there's a

tourist from Belgie ( Belgium ) sit in front of we talk to them

too...they had been to M'sia 4 X and usually they are driving from

singapore …They wish us Good Luck and have a enjoyable journey in

Shanghai..Wu wei ask us which places we would like to go first ?..she

Can bring us to Yuyuan Garden but we have to take 2 connective

Bus which cost around 2-3 Yuan each ( RM 0.80 - RM 1.80 )

15.30 pm.-.Weather is beginning to cloudy, windy and raining.. we proposed wu

wei to go to the Bund and after that went to Yuyuan Garden ..she


16.00 pm-.Reach beautiful and nice… we take many photos while

in there

19.30 pm...Went to subway station nearby the Nanjing road to buy a subway ( LRT ) card. 50 Yuan for each can use the card as long as its enough credit and it the balance of the card is 10 Yuan, you can return the card and get the 10 Yuan back…after that take a walk in Nanjing Road ...

21.00 pm - wu wei want to go back...said she want to met her friend.....bye2...xie


21.30 pm- went to Mc Donald...we wanted to dined there but the place is so crowded…no table left…so we just take away and eat in the hotel.

see the wonder is quite cold…

22.00 pm - went to hotel for Mc D dinner….after China Drama…as its usual all about military drama


Sunday - 15th February 2009.


10.30 am...After Breakfast , go out and take a walk...its colder than yesterday

take a subway..very crowded maybe cause of weekends...only 1 stops to Lijiazhui road... the train is quite fast and comfort.. upon reaching take a walk to Oriental Pearl Tower ( Highest communication tower in Asia and 3rd Highest in the world ( besides Moscow Tower and Toronto Tower )

12.00 pm...I saw the tourist bus but don’t know how to buy the bus tickets so just hanging around , take photo in the tower..To entering the Tower you had to pay 150 Yuan ( RM 75 ) for admission fee..

Menara Kuala Lumpur is more cheaper...

Take a walk to Aquarium Muzeum nearby... needs to pay 100 Yuan ( RM 50)....we feels is not worth or perhaps cause we don’t have budget for just take a photo in outside….

13.00 pm..we went to the corner of outside Pearl Tower …quite nice the scenery…many tourist and young couple…

14.30 pm..met wu her a drink in KFC in Shopping complex nearby...this complex is more on branded items…just seeing the shops only..

15.00 pm...take a walk nearby......saw a Citibank, Standard Chartered Buildings...Shangri la Pudong, Jiwoo Tower ( The tallest business/commercial building in Shanghai ..maybe in China too ) and many tallest building in the area itself..

16.00 pm-..take a subway ( 3 stops ) to underground streets of Shanghai Science center...there's many shops who sells.souviner and many products in there in which you can bargain..we buy souviniers, shirt, jerseys and of course Red Army Cap...hehehehe..Price is not cheap if you don’t have a friends who can guide you... I feel my stomach hurts..went to Toilet

19.00 pm.take a subway to Cyber plaza....( IT Centre )..Raining…wu wei hold my arms…wow..i feels so happy and lovely..heheheheeh…

Unfortunately this area is in its closed

20.00 pm..went to Xintiandi by very nearer …the place and the buildings is like in Europe cause of the heritage buildings and shopping complex also many expensive brands is sells in here like Armani Boutique, Prada, Rolex, Maserrati and so on..

20.30 pm..we take a coffee break in Gloria Jeans coffee....

21.30 pm..take a subway back to Raffles city complex Level 2 ..we had dinner in Curry Leaf banana shop ..finally i met we eat rice and some vegetables with ayam madu soup...its so delicious especially consider as you don’t eat rice for 3 days..hehehehe

22.00 pm ..we’ll send wu wei back to bus station....nearby the Charms hotel ( many Malaysian tourist stays in this hotel ..quite expensive ) I greet her


Monday - 16th Feb 2009-



10.30 am..After breakfast , we are beginning to plan what and where we would like to go for today cause we already had a books and maps..we plan to visit Jewish community, Carrefour, Yuyuan Garden as its quite interesting but we cancelled it due to some matters we went to Nanjing road subway and take a subway to Shanghai main railways station ( 5 stops )

11.00 am..Upon reaching , we bought a train ticket back to Hangzhou ...54 Yuan..its easier unlike In Hangzhou railways station cause there is a English counter …

11.30 am...we went to Shanghai South Railways station...about 8 stops by subway...35 minutes

( Note : Shanghai have 3 railways station which is Main Railways station, North Railways station ( for people who likes to go to North China city, Urumqi, Harbin ) and South Railways station which is going to Hangzhou, wuzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Gullin, Shenzhen and Hong Kong )

So make sure you won’t get confused on that…


12.30 pm...feels so hungry..there’s a KFC, Mc D in the railways but not opening yet cause the railways is in renovation /expanding we found a bakery shops and have lunch there...

here i feels so cold..maybe the temperature is +2...

15.30 pm..after eating we take a subway back to people square....take a photo...meets an Chinese students who major in english ... they said they are from we take a photo together and invite them to come to Malaysia

( Cause one of the girls is quite pretty…heheheeheh )

They show us to the Shanghai Muzeum...unfortunately the muzeum is almost we go to muzeum shops to buy souviners,the price is in mid range of cheaper and expensive..depending on what you want to purchase

in meantime..take a…

18.00 pm..went back to the hotel....take a rest

20.00 pm..we went to Bund by walking,..its dark and so cold..needs to wear hand gloves or hands is freezing…we take many photo of the Tower at night..

22.00 pm..have dinner in KFC nearby the bund…when in cold temperature …you are easily to get hungry…..


Tuesday - 17th Feb 2009-



08.00 am..after breakfast ..we’ll take a taxi to shanghai south railway station...about 30 minutes by highway from the hotel..the best parts is the taxi not just used metres but also had a machine printed receipt which means is not cheated.

( I suggest if anyone visited shanghai and feels lost..better take a taxi )

08.40 am- Reach Shanghai South Railways Station…the station is like an big and beautiful…

Take a photo as usual…

9.30 am-.train departure to hangzhou train…its my 1st time ride a bullet tremendous..

10.40 am-.reach hangzhou .. so crowded….saw a taxi stand..zul called hotel how to go to Braims season hotels…

11.15 am...take a taxi to Braims hotel..about 25 minutes journey

11.40 am..reach hotel....the room cost is 280 Yuan ( RM 150 ) but needs to pay the deposits of 600 ( RM 310 ) Yuan eventhough is only 1 nights stay..after that we put our luggage to the normal

You can also rent a bicycle for a ride in the city..its cost 30 Yuan per hour ( RM 16 )

12.15 am..went out sight seeing in Hangzhou ....saw the IT streets in nearby area ( based on Hangzhou map )..ask the hotel receptionist..they said its we go out and find the IT Centre…but couldn’t find it..maybe its only open in weekend…maybe…

Hangzhou weather its more colder than Shanghai cause its raining often during winter…

14.30 pm...lunch at KFC..ask people how to go to Hangzhou silk muzeum..they said we had to take 2 connective bus and the muzeum closed early...

14.45 pm...saw hangzhou information tourist centre nearby...asking them of direction and how ..

16.00 pm..we saw Carrefour shopping some foods.price is almost like in Malaysia ..after that went to shulling where a shopping complex of electronic household products..most every brands mom as she want me to buy a Haier gas vacuum cleaner..she’s not answered my I her again

18.00 pm..went to west lake...take a break at coffee shops nearby...its dark

and achuum…so cold..hehhehehee

19.00 pm...after coffee went out to west lake surrounding area...take a photo..trhe surrounding so large and beautiful..however its not wise to go at evening…better in morning

20.00 pm..On the way back to hotel..raining and strong wind .I almost felt… ....ask a person in Porsche shops how to go back to which road ?.

21.30 pm- Finally reach tired..sleep early


Wednesday - 18th Feb 2009-

Hangzhou-Kuala Lumpur


10.00 am-.wake up, breakfast..packing the bags ...

10.45 am - take a photo and view cam surrounding the hotel.

11.00 am..take a taxi to Xiaoshan airport...take a lost photo with the taxi driver…

11.35 am-..reach Hangzhou airport...I call my father...he said mom in hospital ..denggue...hah..i feel so sad....

12.15 am...lunch in KFC in airport ..Price is the same everywhere..feels like don’t want to eat cause of thinking of my mom…but have to eat..

14.10 pm…board the flight..Bye-Bye Shanghai/Hangzhou

20.30 pm..Reach LCCT…so tired..take a RM 8 bus to KL Sentral LRT

21.30 pm- Reach KL Sentral…take LRT to Wangsa Maju….upon reach…went to kedai Mamak hungry…miss Mamak curry in 6 days …heheheehe

22.30 pm..take a taxi to house…greets my father…he said last 2 days mom is in critical she’s getting better…so I solat hajat, baca Yasin..prays for my mother to get well

04.00 am ..tomorrow morning..sleeeppp


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