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May 24th 2005
Published: January 30th 2009
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Well, I'm going to start off with some good news. I've been accepted into
the education program at a new teachers college opening up in Burlington.
So this means I'll be around for at least a full year. I am looking forward
to coming home.

The last month, I've gone on a few long weekend trips. First I was in
Shanghai. Its a cool city with an interesting mix of European and Chinese
architecture. When I was in Shanghai, it was the start of a week long
holiday for the Chinese. Many people in the city were visiting from the
countryside, and I am guessing that they hadn't seen many white people
before (or they think I am some sort of mutant!). I was stared and pointed
at and 4 different people came and stood next to me for a photo. It was a
weird experience. I met a few people out at the bars, including someone who
had worked in Santiago a few years back.

I also visited Singapore. Its a modern city that's the cleanest place I've
ever seen. As many of you know its illegal to chew gum here and if you get
caught littering its a massive fine. It has a rock'in nightlife and many
cool places to hang out along the river.

Last weekend I went to Macau with some of the teachers from my school. It
was a former Portuguese colony, so there is quite a bit of the influence
remaining. Its like a little piece of Europe in Asia. And all the signs
are in both Cantonese and Portuguese! I went to the top of the 10th tallest
building in the world (the Macau Tower) with one of the teachers. We did
the "X walk" which is around the outside of the observation deck on the
building. After a minute or so out there, my nerves calmed - but man was
it a rush! I hope to send the photos later today.

In a few weekends, its the Dragon Boat races here in Hong Kong, so I am
looking forward to seeing them.

Well, that's the update from here,
take care and keep in touch

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Cruise along Huangpu Jiang Cruise along Huangpu Jiang
Cruise along Huangpu Jiang

The Bund in the background

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