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October 6th 2008
Published: October 6th 2008
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My most honourable friends, the time has come for me to wave sad goodbye as I depart from these shores. This week is most illustrious week for I, Tóngzhì Xiao Hóng Ma Lie will embark on journey of enlightenment and re-education in my adoptive motherland of China.

The gracious and wise authorities have seen fit to grant me permission and I just receive notification of my permit to visit XiZang where I spread joy and harmonious thoughts and great wisdom of Chinese nation.

My long march will begin on Saturday when I board peoples train to Lhasa and travel across most wonderful land of China for two days from great city of Shanghai to venerable city of Lhasa on roof of world.

I hope my most honourable friends will take time to share in my humble adventures.

Your friend,
Tóngzhì Xiao Hóng Ma Lie


6th October 2008

Have fun!
Oooh, I can't believe how quickly that came round!! I love the picture of you, its so authentic! You look more Chinese than I do LOL. Looking forward to your blogs and stay away from those dogs!!
7th October 2008

Love the hair! God you look like your mother in that pic. Have a groovy time and dont forget the pressies.

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