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August 14th 2008
Published: August 14th 2008
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I know what Suzanne means when she spends so much time thinking about the titles for these....not very impressive tonight, unlike the storm we are still having tho! It started as we were trying to get back from the real estate agent's office at about 6.30pm, which means, yes, we do have a place to live - yippee!!!!!! We found two today actually, but went with the second one as we prefer the agent (she speaks english which always helps) and also we met the lovely landlord who also speaks good english. She has agreed to pay for us to have good broadband and also satellite tv for the year, for only 6900 Rmb/mth, and the place has 3 good bedrooms, hurray! Also, which will please most of you, it is only on the 2nd floor. We would rather be a little higher up (the other place was 8th floor) but the gardens are lovely and have a huge pond thing with real (yet hungry) fish in, a great gym, which overlooks a proper football pitch, with a proper spectator's stand and proper football players on it! The gym does classes of yoga and pilates and so on, so both ian and i could join and make very good use of it. Added to which, it is dead opposite what we were told is the best place to buy clothes in the area , the fake market.....I am dying to go there, my principal's wife has promised to take me and show me how to barter.

So we spent the morning looking at both sophie and my school and also william's kindergarten. We got some great photos, which you can see...soph loved the swimming pool and was told by Mr Roger (the principal) that she could do kung fu and then fencing when she is older. She saw some classrooms and is very excited by the huge athletics track too. William's Kindergarten is called Fortune and is lovely. William is going to be in Ladybirds class and they call the teachers "Teacher Matthew" as opposed to at our school where we are "Miss Joanna" or "Mr Roger". The Kindergarten is being repainted but we saw his classroom and also the beds where they sleep, the dance hall and play area. He is very happy there and the principal was really helpful, we talked through william's stammer (even though yesterday he declared to me that he 'doesn't do bumpy talking anymore, only smooth talking'. It is very true, he is very impressive. The Kindergarten are also going to help us to help william to like meat....he is getting better, but mostly eating rice and noodles! At the end, we were presented with a large bill for the year which we weren't expecting, as we thought we paid monthly, but that is the way they do it here. He has a Parent-Teacher meeting on fri 29th aug, then starts on Monday 1st Sept, where Soph has induction on Thursday and Friday 28th/29th Aug and starts properly on Monday 1st too. William can also do Kung fu after school at kindergarten so he is well chuffed.

Well, seeing it has rained most of the day here, we spent a few hours in the hotel at lunch playing 'Up words' a new game we purchased a bit like scrabble. It was a bit frustrating and we are all feeling the effects of living with 24hr air con, but we are looking forward to a bit of space when we move out on Sunday. We are going to get a van to help us move our stuff and also take a trip to Ikea to buy our cutlery and crockery (well exciting, I get to shop til I drop!) and stock up our cupboards with food from Carrefour.

Anyway, as I said, we are all feeling a bit of the effects of the air con here, so are trying to get to bed soon. But we have only just got back from our celebration tea at Mcd's, so soph and ian are writing their journals as william starts to snooze! Off we go...back soon!!!!

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14th August 2008

congrats on finding a home!
Can't wait to see the new place. I'm so glad you had success today and can move in this weekend.
14th August 2008

Bartering and fake clothes
You'll LOVE it. Done it in Thailand. Just walk away when they say no - works every time!! (Well most) And you'll have a wardrobe full of designer bags and t-shirts - imagine!!
15th August 2008

I can't wait
...can you believe we will be living dead opposite the fake market...I am in heaven....fake gucci handbags here we come!!!!!

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