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April 14th 2008
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Hi guys,
Yesturday, I went to a market called Pearl Market. It was huge! It had hundreds of sellers, and if you even just looked at an item, BAM!
They would come up to you and start (attempting) to sell. It was crazy! We bought new shoes, and 6 nintendo ds games. We got the ds games for round about $16 each. It was a great deal. We saw a couple of sellers that were litrally begging for the people to take the deal. It was total chaos at the market, but I would go again another day!

Today, we went on the plane to Shanghai. The plane flight was good, and alot better than last times! ( I won't say how though. ) We landed in Shanghai, and caught a taxi to our hotel. It is so posh! Everybody here wears a suit ( Exept for us) and is really polite. I think this place is the poshest place that I've every been to in my whole entire life! It is good though.
Well, keep on reading! And leave a comment!
From Maddy!


17th April 2008

Hi! What you are doing sounds so cool! I wish I was there. I have been to Vietnam (in Asia) so I know what it is like to be pestered. I will write again soon! From Sarah

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