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March 2nd 2021
Published: March 2nd 2021
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http://www.heygo.com 2nd March - Yuyuan Bazaar Shanghai

I visited this area back in 2010, & whilst the lovely old traditional building haven’t changed, the area around the Tea House resembled a theme park.

A lot of the displays were still there following the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations but some I think are now permanent !

I remember better visiting the Yuyuan Gardens which is next to the bazaar so fingers crossed our new virtual guide will take more tours in a less commercial area.

I guess some of the virtual guests had not visited Shanghai before were interested to see the local arts and different foods on offer.

Yuyuan Bazaar location - Originally there was just a temple that was built in the 15th Century. Over 100 years ago there was an increase in pilgrims who came to worship at the temple. As a result businesses and peddlers began to open up shops in the immediate area to cater to these pilgrims. Since that time this market has continued to grow in importance.

It was nice to recall the history of the Huxinting Tea
House, accessed by the "nine-turning bridge. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, this zig-zag design is not only for aesthetic appeal. It is also important for keeping the evil spirits from getting into the pavilion.

Built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Huxinting Teahouse was originally part of the Yu Garden next door. The teahouse was a pavilion named Fuyiting (Joyful Mallard Pavilion).

In 1784, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), several merchants restored the pavilion to use for business talks.

In 1855, the pavilion was turned into a teahouse which was renamed Huxinting (Mid-lake Pavilion). It is the oldest continually operating teahouse in Shanghai.

It certainly was a colourful 45 minutes tour and the guide Alice had a bubbly personality and was so happy to be taking tourists to the bazaar even if virtually.

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