Day 5: Visit to a Community Recreation Centre, Dr. Sun's Residence, etc.

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July 13th 2011
Published: July 14th 2011
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Learning about ErhuLearning about ErhuLearning about Erhu

Learning about Erhu
After a fulfilling breakfast at about 7:30 in the morning and some getting ready, we went out of the hotel to visit a community centre. That centre was just celebrating China’s 90 year anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. There were lots of models of planes, tanks and weapons used during historical times and a wide range of visual arts of ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphies. We also saw some children doing some arts and crafts with beads and a fitness room. We were introduced to a Chinese instrument called the Er Hu and the teacher even performed some of the most famous songs for us. There was also another teacher that showed us the paper cutting of a bird on a tree and a dragon. In the short time, we were very amazed at her creations and had lots of fun. Afterwards, we went to the Shanghai Museum of Sun Yat-Sen’s Former Residence. We first walked around the museum to witness important things in Mr. Sun’s life, for example his queue that got cut off. We later got the chance to see his actual house and know what things happened in there. The morning was kind of tiring, but
Craft MakingCraft MakingCraft Making

with the exciting things to see, it was worth it!

With lunch at a canton restaurant, we arrived at the Liu Li China Museum at about 1:30. We were introduced to the many Liuli creations and masterpieces. Luili is a type of ancient Chinese glass or glass art that is admired by many people. From flowers to Buddha figures, we were all amazed by the artworks and how they were created. Next, we went to Xin Tian Di to see the display house where people used to live. We saw the different roles that each family member played and the different lifestyles of each person. For example, the daughter’s room was filled with movie stars from that time period, showing her interest and passion. In addition, we walked around Xin Tian Di and were overjoyed with the many souvenir shops to purchase items that were filled with Chinese culture, like Buddha figures, Chinese dolls, Chinese key chains, and many more! After dinner, the journey didn’t just stop there! We went to see an exciting and intense movie called Wu Xia, which was filled with Chinese martial arts. Today’s adventure and details led to us understanding more about Chinese culture
Learning to Play ErhuLearning to Play ErhuLearning to Play Erhu

An Erhu Lesson
and we can’t wait for tomorrow!

Stephanie, Vanessa and Truman Wong

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Enjoying ErhuEnjoying Erhu
Enjoying Erhu

Enjoying Erhu Music
Erhu PerformanceErhu Performance
Erhu Performance

This Erhu musician is amazing!




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