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June 13th 2015
Published: June 14th 2015
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So, at Disney English, we are not allowed to celebrate religious holidays. But we CAN have fun celebrating other types of holidays around the year (usually by crazy dressing up!)

Firstly there was Halloween! The craziness of being able to just dress up in anything but our blues may have made some of us go a little overboard, but at least we had a great time doing it! I certainly did!!!

(Dressing up for work)

(Cat and mouse with Lisa)

(Mouse for work)

(The mouse and the pirate - one of Gwen's many different costumes of the week)

And finally, one of the best reasons to celebrate Halloween, the next day is Victoria's birthday!!! We had such a fabulous time at Cape Grape on Yongkang Lu with a cute waiter to match! Haha (I'm thinking about me now). The night was made even funnier with the crying woman in the corner, and then trying to catch a taxi home (because we ALL know how hard that is on Yongkang Lu!!!).

But Halloween was one of the many holidays we all spent together. Next up was.....THANKSGIVING!!!!

Now, Thanksgiving being a traditional American family holiday, I was one of the few of us that had never truly experienced this phenomenon. Working for Disney certainly had it's upsides, yes we had to work ON Thanksgiving, but they put a big party for us to all celebrate together Americans and Non-Americans alike.

How could we not enjoy this momentous occasion to celebrate a uniquely American holiday? We ate.....and ate.....and ate.....and drank....and ate.....and then a quiz was thrown in there! We all had a fabulous time!!!
We then (well, some of us) headed to Tchafika's place for a little Thanksgiving of our own. Not that we don't love spending our days of with ALL of our disney family, but sometimes it's nice to spend it with our own little family. And again....we ate....and ate....and ate....and flirted (Ooops that was just me), and ate.
By the end of the night, we had seen it all! The miracle birth of Jesus Christ, Jurraisic Park, Chopsticks flying everywhere, you name it, we probably did it, and all in the name of fun and games (and Charades!).

Towards the end of the night, we slimmed down to the last few;

And then we swiftly moved on to Christmas!!!!

My sister was here and it wouldn't be long before Prince Adam (Ooops I mean Anthony) would be visiting, so excitement was in the air.
There was a German market in the area and we were all excited to visit! (Except I never actually made it!!)

Along with the excitement of the market, there was also the excitement of the Jingle Bell run! Out in the cold, you ran faster than all the other women in the race and won a glorious mickey medal!

With all of the greatness Christmas has to offer, there was one downside. We had to work on Christmas Day! With China being a non-religious state, we all had to work on this holiday. But that didn't mean we couldn't celebrate together on Christmas Eve/and the brunch of Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve was filled with a lot of fun and games, and lots of good food! (Speaking of food, I will always miss your Lasagna and meat sauce!!! Nomnom

Waking up early Christmas morning was certainly different in a different city, away from home. But at least we were able to all be together for brunch (Before we all had to go to work!).

And we all celebrated together at work (unfortunately, not being at the glorious JQ, I am not in this picture)

And finally, one of the other holidays that we have celebrated together this year is is Easter. We were lucky enough that tombsweeping holiday fell on easter and we were allowed the day off! We all decided to go for brunch at The Boxing Cat brewery and have a lovely day together with our friends and family!!!

The day was fabulous (an even better for the fact that we could be away from work on a weekend day!) and full of food and fun! Unfortunately you missed the teaching of Cards Against Humanity to Paula and a lot of other disney people :D


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