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November 11th 2014
Published: November 12th 2014
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Hello Followers,

So we had an early wake up for Shanghai arrival this morning, the Chinese way, is blearing music into your cabin an hour before arriving, nice!! But finally arrived in Shanghai. We took the metro from the station to the nearest stop to our hostel, it only took 20 minutes at about 33p ticket. We dropped our bags off at the hostel into storage as it was still only 8.30am. The hostel is Ming town International-looks ok so far.

We headed straight to East Nanjing Road- all the super retail stores are here, and if you walk to the east end you can look out over the Huangpu River to the sky scrapers in the Bund. After this we went to the Shanghai Confucian Temple. This was small and didn't have detailed English translations on each exhibit but there were trees with peoples wishes in which looks good in the photos.

We had an amazing lunch down a back alley again-a hidden gem, looked dirty but the locals were eating there so thought we would go in. We had a roast dinner each for £2, it was delicious. Afterwards we headed back to the hostel as it's now 2pm. We have our own room for the next two days which is nice.

Also this afternoon: Neil had his shoes polished by a lady on the street for 55p, we saw some puppies for sale, and we bought a pair of Beats by Dre head phones.... for £2... but they are amazing quality....hopefully real off the back of a lorry.

We have now showered and are going to meet Amanda, who Vicky and Louisa met at the University of Chengdu.

We met Amanda at her work place, we were a shameful 50 minutes late 😞 because we took the subway the wrong way and then couldn't find her work building. Finally we met her and then took a bus with her to this restaurant she recommended: 'the dining room', in the french concession section of Shanghai. It was delicious and it was great to catch up with Amanda (who is now a researcher in cell regrowth).

Also this evening, saw a cat restaurant, where you have a cat on every dining table...weird, also a toilet restaurant where you eat out of toilet bowls/plates...very weird

Amanda also paid for the dinner which was so nice of her!!! After the meal we walked around the popular winding streets with lovely quaint shops. We got back to our hostel at 11pm, we were knackered!!!

Bye, love V & N x

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