Day 19 - The hangovers, Propaganda Collection and shopping in traditional Shanghai

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August 9th 2013
Published: August 9th 2013
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I got up at 8.30 so that. Could get breakfast before meeting with Neil. Today, Neil is taking me to meet his father so that we can hopefully get my iPad mended. Well, that was the well thought out plan! We got a taxi, went and picked Neil's dad up, and off we wen to the of place. I couldn't bloody believe it..... when I opened the iPad ....... It was working fine ! I felt a not stupid, but Neil had seen it before so he explained. But with it being ok, there as nothing they could do.

We got a return taxi and went back to the hostel. On returning, I went to turn it on....the screen had gone black again..... Gutted.... Again! I have now given up on it !

By lunchtime people were starting to come puns after the pub crawl. There were some sorry states among them.... Lol then there was the photo follow ups. That was even funnier! We went to see the Propaganda Collection. Sophia gave us loads of information as she has studied it. It made a bit more sense after talking to her. So I now know a smidging more about Mao than I did before!

We continued on to a Traditional Shanghai shopping area, it was quaint, all around it was a massive modern shopping area! Laura, Jason, Zheng and I went for lunch in a pasta place. Really enjoyed it. Every time a customer walked in, the whole of the staff kind of sang good morning! It was funny at first, then it got on your nerves .... lol

At seven, 6 of us went to we the Shanghai Acrobatic Show. They were brilliant. Well worth the visit. Tonight is an early night for everyone as the whole group are suffering from last night!

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9th August 2013

Nightmare Ipad sh na ni gans lol cant believe how many days yav notched up - it only feels like yesterday ya went. xx Dim.
10th August 2013

Painting a Picture
Just had a look at the photo of you & that girl sat below the plan / map. Then I remembered I have a job to do !! Now where did I put the Gold Paint????TTFNX

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