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Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian December 16th 2011

Hey friends, Today was another great day. It's late and we wanted to squeeze in just a quick update. Shanghai is such a weird blend of old and new. Today we saw a man walk an enormous wooden cart full of wood scraps (?) through a busy intersection and park it in front of the Porsche dealership. This kind of weirdness is not uncommon in this city. We went Dongtai road where there was lots of antiques to peruse. We also found our way around some crazy food markets where fish were being gutted still alive on the street. As is most of Shanghai, it was overwhelming and Nora got some great photos. The highlight of the trip thus far has got to be the acrobat show we saw. We saw Era - Intersection of Time ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian October 2nd 2010

We have visited the area of Haiwan Beach before, but this trip was the first time we went horseback riding there, so I thought I would post some pictures. It was very crowded because this was during the Mid-Autumn, or Moon Festival. This is a Chinese Resort area about half an hour from where we live.... read more
Leah Looking for Crabs

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian July 24th 2010

(i want to publish this now because the days are passing quickly, but i hope to re-read it and correct the grammar in the future) I last left you guys on Monday night after Sarah had told me that Tuesday we were going to the Child Baby Maternity Expo. It's now one week later so please forgive my fading memories, but it's been a very busy week. Ha ha ha. much as the reader throughout most of my entry will have no idea where i am going, i did not know either. i'll tell you the plans for the future when i am told them from sarah. throughout this entire week i had no idea where i would be in the next hour. Tuesday... I washed all my clothes monday night and woke up at the ... read more
long nails to show you don't work. attractive?
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian October 27th 2009

Finally, after having spent about 9 weeks total time in China, we got to go to the ocean! It really was close like Jim said! We left after lunch on Saturday and took a taxi. I timed it and we got there in 22 minutes! It cost us 57RMB, or a little over $7USD to get there. We had reservations at the Howard Johnson's Palm Beach Resort, where Jim stayed on his first trip here. After checking in, we headed out to explore! We started out at the Long Teng Pavilion, which is a newer temple, but we figured we could get a nice view of the area, which we did. We just went to the area at the base before you enter the pavilion. It turns out that this is where the Chinese Opera Costume ... read more
Sugarcane vendor
Long Teng Pavilion
View from Long Teng Pavilion

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian » Nanqiao October 16th 2009

Jim has had to work 8 days straight after the Chinese Holiday, so we have just done some local things. The last day of his vacation time, we went out with a couple of new friends, Julie and Tina. We went to Guhua Park, which I have written about a couple of times before. Leah wanted to go back and rent a boat. This time, Julie and Tina sat in the front with Leah while Jim and I "relaxed" in the back - actually, we didn relax a lot! It was quite crowded being a holiday, and Leah kept running into things, but it was fun! Then we went to the amusement area and only had time to ride the bumper cars before it closed. Julie and Tina had never done this before and we managed ... read more
Chinese Girls
Guhua Park
Julie and Tina

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian » Nanqiao October 5th 2009

i am posting this a while after we actually got to China and went to Suzhou, but I am horrible at keeping up my blog. I am leaving on the original date so you can see when we went to Suzhou. After the first few days of being in China the National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival started and my dad got time off. So we went to Suzhou for the holiday. My next few posts will be about Suzhou. The day after we got to Suzhou we went to Shantang Street, it is an old shopping street. There were a lot of little stores and booths, and some people lived on Shantang Street ( the people who owned or worked at the stores and booths and some others). There were people selling food and there were ... read more
the entrance to shantang street
canal boats
part of shantang street

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian » Nanqiao October 1st 2009

We are finallly in China! it was about 14 hours from Chicago to China. We had a long delay in Chicago though. I took a bunch of cloud pictures on the flight. when we started to land (they start doing a gradual descent about half an hour before you land) we went through so many layers of clouds, I counted close to 7 layers! the clouds were very pretty, they looked like lands of snow with snow covered rocks! ... read more
town from airplane
another view

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian » Nanqiao September 30th 2009

It was a LONG trip, but we made it! It took 26 hrs from the time we left home until we arrived at our Chinese "home." Our flight in Chicago was delayed because they had to do some repairs, but I won't complain, I'm always thankful that they find these problems and fix them while we are on the ground! The plane wasn't full, so the seat next to us was empty and we were able to sprawl out and relax a little better than usual. By the way, if anyone is ever flying from US to Asia, check out I booked our flight through them and saved $700 for the exact same flights we had last time. Leah had gotten a new camera before we left, a Panasonic Lumix ZS3 (it's a fantastic camera!), ... read more
Dragon statue

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian » Nanqiao June 26th 2009

We have returned from China and are actually now in Alaska! I decided to post one last bunch of pics from China before moving on to the Alaska pics! Before leaving China, we took Leah back to the Tea House where Jim had taken me for my birthday. We sat in the main part, at an upper level table where we could look over most of the tea house. It was great, we just relaxed and chatted. Leah walked around and took some pictures, but many turned out dark. We even got to see the bird that says "nie hao."... read more
Jim and Leah at Tea House
Old Picture

Asia » China » Shanghai » Fengxian » Nanqiao June 10th 2009

This past weekend, we went back to Guhua Park (which I wrote about earlier) both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, we caught a cab, showed the taxi driver a picture of the park sign from when we were there before and it worked - we got there! We first had lunch at the restaurant next to the park, which we now know is called U.N.D.C. Coffee in English. After lunch, we walked through some areas of the park where we hadn’t been before and then went to the amusement park area. Jim and Leah went on some rides, then we walked a little more until we realized that the park was closing (at 4:30). A security guard led us to the exit because we weren’t sure how to get out from where we were! We walked a ... read more
Interesting menu!
U.N.D.C. Coffee  Restaurant
U.N.D.C. Coffee

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