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April 27th 2009
Published: May 14th 2009
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Look i can be cute too.Look i can be cute too.Look i can be cute too.

Can a human come in to play?
Found it! Well maybe not. What we thought was a zoo turned out to be a tiger park with some monkeys and a couple of peacocks thrown in (not as food). The monkeys were happy to see tourists as you are allowed to feed them. The peacocks looked as indignant as they always do. The Tigers were the main attraction.
As we walked slowly, oooing and aaahing at the Panthers and some sleeping tigers, a keeper approached us and as they do here started to chat (in Chinese). So politely we nod and agree, yes i see it is a big one....Hmmmm. Soon we are joined by a petite female keeper who picks up a bucket of fresh liver bits and begins calling to a tiger. Soon the big cat approaches and with the grace and style they are blessed with stands next to us and makes the decision....Ok i will stand on my hind legs for food! This is huge, as was he. At this point i will say sorry for the quality of the video i had my camera set on multi shoot when the tiger was performing and did not want to miss this so i converted the stills to a movie but could not get them to load onto the site so i just recorded it off the screen.
The Tiger was huge! I mean we were a good 1 to 1.5 metres off the ground and as you can see when it stood on it's hind legs it still looked me in the eyes. Lynne was busy snapping away and i don't think it dawned on her until after just how close she was. once the show was complete Lynne had a small emotional tear (Lynne writes this, I certainly wasn't blubbering) we agree to say it was out of shear admiration for the size of the beast.
We moved around the zoo a bit further to find some Tigers engaged in an aerobic activity....Hmmmm. I thought then that the zoo was a breeding i thought, Tigers are endangered so this is a good idea but wait they are both male, so.... who made this mistake. Sometimes it is hard to tell if the Tigers knew and were keeping it a secret?... or the zoo keepers were playing a joke on the animals....LOL.
We found the real zoo and i didn't take any pictures apart
That's Lynne's hand...That's Lynne's hand...That's Lynne's hand...

Not the small furry one the other one.
form the camel because the zoo was not the best and the animals were not so happy. They had some bloody big pigs which did not seem too disgruntled. There were wolves a big lion, a bear, birds, snakes, goats and the most odd thing there was a huge St Bernard....i kid you not a big dog in a zoo.

Ok well will catch up again soon.

Bye bye!

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Give it to me...Give it to me...
Give it to me...

don't you know it is rud eto tease!
Glad I'mGlad I'm
Glad I'm

not in with the gay Tigers
So alone!So alone!
So alone!

Will you be my meal...I mean friend.
I hate being different.I hate being different.
I hate being different.

but at least i'm not in with the gay tigers.
We have a slight problem here...We have a slight problem here...
We have a slight problem here...

I can't get the meat through the cage!
Hay you!Hay you!
Hay you!

come here and say that!
MMMMM beer!MMMMM beer!
MMMMM beer!

Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me etc

15th May 2009

Hey Lynne Great video i love tigers !!!!!! Looks like your having a ball still thats great , what ya up too now ? still teaching ??? Shaz

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