#140 Teaching at Taizhou Teachers College, China (Tai Shan Holy Mountain and Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 )

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September 30th 2012
Published: September 30th 2012
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**I wish all of my students, my collegues, the staff and my friends at Taizhou Teachers College and around China a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival time with family and friends; and to all of my Chinese friends, a very great National Holiday. Please, enjoy these special days with the ones you love and continue to honor and remember these traditons and customs, so unique to your country.** The 2012 ... Read Full Entry

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A small plaza beyond the Southern Gate of Heaven.A small plaza beyond the Southern Gate of Heaven.
A small plaza beyond the Southern Gate of Heaven.

The plaza leads to Tian Jie (Heaven Street), a Qing-dynasty parade of shops and restaurants.
The stairs up Tai Mountain just never seem to stop.The stairs up Tai Mountain just never seem to stop.
The stairs up Tai Mountain just never seem to stop.

I stopped counting, but I was assured, that there were exactly 6,293 stone steps, and I conquered them all.

30th September 2012

Thank you for your excellent exposition of that fabulous mountain that is Tai Shan...and moon cakes. Entering the red gates...the first of many steps...past rocks & stelae carved with calligraphy...the feeling of the place...like Tao...cannot be defined, because it applies to everything.I hope one day to have visited all of the 5 Daoist & 5 Buddhist holy mountains...work in progress. Have you visited others?
30th September 2012

Hans- You continue to educate us and AMAZE us with your adventures. 8 hours of climbing. No wonder you look so great! And you clearly are very content. What a journey you are on. Thank you for sharing.
1st October 2012

Well done, Hans!!
Looking trim & terrific, Hans!!
2nd October 2012

Hi Hans, Love your pictures. Congratulations on your amazing adventure. Can't believe it's been six years already. Wishing many more years of discovery.
7th October 2012

Tai Shan is really a famous place in China and worthy visiting.I hope I can pay a visit there as well!
11th October 2012

I really enjoyed this travelblog,especially the symbolism for the "round" moon cakes and the 8 hour trip to the top-the picture where you are mopping your brow. I need time to read all the blog entries
6th December 2012

During the time when food was scarce, a sliced wedge of mooncake brought great joy for children who were constantly in hunger. Anyway, the beautiful sky lit up by the bright moon was for every being on earth to enjoy, and the cool breeze swept away all the heat following a hot summer. You never forget that.

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