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June 21st 2008
Published: August 3rd 2011
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Tai mountain, the scene of 5 yuan of China, located in the Shandong province, that was the most important mountain in the Chinese history, there the place that the emperor had to go to make celestial ceremony, to pray for better weather condition and the prosperity of the empire. Tai mountain also is famous by stairway, there are so many stairs, probably was used to test the determination of someone, we just wondering if the emperor had to walk by himself to reach the top, or not?
Not so far to the Tai mountain, there is a little old town, Qufu, there was the city where the great Chinsese philosopher, the Confucius, had born. You can find the Confucius house, temple and tomb there. The temple is bigger than anothers around the China, there are no such difference, and the house and tomb are more interesting in my opinion. The house is really big, there are so many stories and some of them turn into the popular sayings, there are no such furnishings, because the most of them were taken at Cultural Revolution, and one of the best remained things is the Confucius liquor, I don't drink alcohol, but my mother do, and she said that was strong and delicious, one of the best liquor she had ever drunk. The Confucius tomb, theoretically the Confucius body should be there, but in fact it is not, there is only a little hill and nobody underground, why? The Cultural Revolution again, during the Revolution the main guideline was to destroy the old things, so they dug the tomb, took the Confucius body off, whipped it and burned it. A lot of the buildings were destroyed by Revolution and rebuilt after in the China, they can reconstruct quickly the buildings, but the lost values will need much more time to rebuild, and these values are not the main focus of the Chinese government now.

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