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May 12th 2009
Published: September 16th 2009
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I travelled up Mt Tai (Taishan) today. I've been wanting to do it for some time. Obviously Dave is still reeling from the mountain in Costa Rica so I invited one of my colleagues at work, Jojo, to join me. Her animal sign is the Ox and it's considered lucky if she climbs the mountain in 'her' year.

The day was long. It took us 5 1/2 hours to climb to the top gate (of course, I'm stopping every 5 minutes to take pictures) and then a couple of hours around the little town and up to the highest point. Then it was a 3 hour descent. I had read many different versions of how many steps there are on this mountain. I think you will be either impressed or think us mad. But here are the stats.
From the No 3 Bus Stop to the highest point in the temple at 1545 metres - 7851 steps in total

From the Red Gate to the Temple 1545 metres - 7608 steps

From the Red Gate to the South Gate to Heaven - 6877 steps

From the South Gate to Heaven (where you thought you had finished)
The Friendship TreeThe Friendship TreeThe Friendship Tree

overexpose and on the edge
another 731 steps to the highest point.

Of course this is only one way. Then it's all the way back down. We have not included the side trips either which could add on another few hundred steps up and down but we didn't count those.

And for those of you who take the bus to the halfway point, well you can figure out the numbers.

The worst of the soreness are the quads and calf muscles. We feel great for having done this challenge. It's Thursday now and I am having difficulty walking down steps. Up is ok.

We met many people on the way. A chinese man, born in South Korea and lives in California. Another chinese man who lives in Atlanta Georgia. A couple from Sydney, Australia. A mother and daughter from Harbin in the north of China, many young students wanting to take pictures with me, an American family (that reminded me of Swiss Family Robinson TV show many years ago) all blond and beautiful. No, they didn't stand out at all... and the many thousands of others who climbed on the National Memorial Day for the people of Sichuan province who lost family members in the earthquake on the same day last year. 5/12/08

Most thought that Jojo was my guide. I think she got sick of that by the end of the day.

I'll be back in winter time but I think I'll take the bus and cable car. There are hotels in the village and they are quite expensive for what you get. Most locals will hike up in the afternoon and stay out among the stars until sunrise the next morning. Not sure about that one yet.

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Strange wooden furnitureStrange wooden furniture
Strange wooden furniture

I would say that tree roots are a dominant influence.

9th August 2011

Great trip!
I like your pics so much! How many destinations in China you traveled to? I admire you so much!

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