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Asia » China » Shandong » Rizhao March 17th 2014

I guess itchy feet got me a lot sooner than I had expected. After a little over 5 months here in Rizhao I am once again off to another city. This time the new city is Shenyang, Liaoning province. After well over 2 years working at EF (English First) this is my first venture into a different teaching entity. Although i have learned much from my time here I do feel that it is time for me to branch into something different. Well its still the same but different. Yes I am still teaching English but it is a different atmosphere and age range. The call of change had been ringing in my ears for some time. For the people here in Rizhao that do read this I bid you a fond farewell, peace, love and ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Rizhao January 28th 2014

Spring Festival 2014: Galloping into the year of the horse with an old friend. After work being completed on Tuesday I finally get seven full days to myself to do with how I see fit. This spring festival I am returning to Dalian to see an old friend who was herself on a journey for the past year in the Middle East. I can’t tell you how many times that I wanted to join her in a new place so vastly different from everything I have known. But with the current time have she has returned to China to see her family and return to her regular teaching duties in Shenyang. My own trip starts in Rizhao, Shandong where I finished packing for the few days that I will be gone. Making sure that everything was ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Rizhao January 1st 2014

A belated Happy New Year to all you my dear readers. This entry is the first of the new year for me. It brings me to a special place within the city. The RiZhao Botanical Gardens in my opinion is a great place to visit. Even during the winter season like when I had visited it the first time. The Botanical Gardens is located on Haiqu road heading towards Wanpingkou. To say this place is unknown would not be true but to say this place is well known would also be untrue. I would say the knowledge of this place would be somewhere in the middle. Some know of it and some don't. This is the second in the list of hopefully 23 different sites around this city I hope to see before I leave. I ... read more
Princess in her first taxi ride
Rizhao Botanical Gardens
About Botanical Gardens in Chinese

Asia » China » Shandong » Rizhao December 27th 2013

Wanpingkou is one of Rizhaos' most famous landmarks. WanPingKou beach is located at the end of HaiQu Road on BiHai Road which runs parallel to China's second largest lagoon. Surrounded by Shibei Park and Fishing Park, Rizhao's largest beach boasts 4 kilometers of golden sand that give summer tourists an ideal location to view a remarkable sunrise relax and play in golden sands under blue skies. was said by one person that works at the tourism center there. Since coming to Rizhao a little over 2 months ago at the time of this posting. I have been to this beach 3 times including the last on New Years Eve. Each time, that I have been there I have seen more and more of the place. I find it well kept, clean and gives a wonderful view ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Rizhao December 27th 2013

Rizhao is a small place on the coast of Shandong province in China. Hidden within its city and its adminstration area is a vast untapped area of jeweled sights. Those in the city can easily tell any passing foreigner the most popular places to visit. Over the nex few weeks and months that I am here I plan to visit them and many more. For a total, I hope of 23 different places known and relatively unknown places within Rizhao. Each one will have its own entry and photos and I hope to get information about each place for you the reader to follow. But before I do that you first must know a little something about the city itself. The beginning of it all after all is most important. so below for your reading pleasure ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Rizhao November 19th 2013

As I peered out my window in Dongguan for the last time the sun brightly shone down as it always did at this time of day. I knew that I would not have the same view the same experience where I was about to go. I knew what lay ahead was something different something needed. To fulfill what I needed to do to be with the one I wanted to be with. Soon I was about to leave here for a new city, a city quite a bit smaller than Dongguan. Both in the amount of people and the size. But in its quality that is yet to be determined. As I slowly pulled away from the window looking around the apartment one last time to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything and to make sure ... read more
A Sunset from Dongguan
the welcome sign of Qingdao
hotel 1

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