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May 14th 2009
Published: May 14th 2009
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Well, I'm here. I arrived in the evening, just as the last class was ending. We chilled for a while then had dinner, after dinner was the mandarin class, I thought I'd check it out, I picked a bad day. I think I went to the advanced class. Anywho, the next day I woke up at 6:30, oddly not feeling jet lagged in the least, wandered around a bit then went to breakfast, not as appatizing as dinner had been. I'm gonna have to buy some stuff for breakfast. The first morning session was power stretching, very painfull. That's where you go into a stretch as far as feels comfortable, push it until it hurts and you know your stretching it well, then push it a little bit further, now hold it for five minutes. Ouch. Part of the second morning session was also power stretching, after that we did some form, thanks to my previous experience I was able to learn what it takes most people who come here a month to learn. Usually you can't learn a weapon form for the first month but my teacher, Du shifu said I could start the straight sword form next week. The two evening sessions were some sanda stuff, sanda is chinese kickboxing, but we were just doing cardio stuff and light muscle building. Today we did chi-gong meditation in the morning, it was nice, very preferable to the power stretching. Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Chingdao, another academy, while they fix up the stairs here, we'll be back by the end of the weekend. I'll try to take some pictures over the weekend and put them up next time. Oh yeah, there was a grading today, for the second morning session, a bunch of people got graded, two of them on the form I'm working on at the moment. Thats all for now.


15th May 2009

That's pretty cool man! how is it in China? Whats the academy like?
20th May 2009

China pretty cool, the academy's great. it's near these beautiful mountains, man, it's incredible here.

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