Claire: 'You need to buy the correct ticket for the train!' Lizzie: 'You know she doens't understand you' Claire: 'Yes but it makes me feel better to yell at her!'

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August 26th 2011
Published: August 30th 2011
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Today is the day we leave Xi'an and unfortunately I was up unwell in the night, no idea what it was, but I feel sick and the feeling won't leave me. Other than that we all spent the morning packing up and headed to building 6 around 11.30am for our departure orientation. This was to check that things had gone okay in Xi'an and to prepare us with our tickets and stuff for the next leg of our journey. We are very excited to be spliting off from the group and heading to the Yangtze, group touring hasn't sat massively well with me and I am looking forward to not having an official tour guide and having less people around me. The others headed off the South China around 4pm, and they were heading on a 29 hour train journey which we were not at all jealous of! Lizzie and I spent the afternoon preparing for our own overnight train that was leaving at 8pm and we watched a film in building 6 to kill some time and headed to the supermarket to buy some crackers for dinner on the train.

We were taken to the train station in Xi'an where we had arrived 9 days ago (it feels like we have been in Xi'an forever!) and as we drove past the city walls and saw the pagoda in the distance as the train as pulling away from the city centre I realised that I had really enjoyed my time here in Xi'an, and I am definately a fan of this cool city, more so than anywhere I have been in China so far. The train tickets saw us split up on this journey and CJ, Lizzie and I were in one carriage whilst the other girls were in a seperate one. After arguing my way onto my correct bed (someone was on it and wouldn't move, involving an argument with me speaking English and the woman Chinese at each other that finally the conductor had to come along and sort out) we had some snacks and settled in for a rather bumpy and stop start ride to Chongqing.


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