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August 19th 2011
Published: August 22nd 2011
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After waiting in the bus for half an hour for a few late arrivals after the kareoke night we headed to one of the most significant archeological sites of the 20th century, the Terracotta Warriors. It was about 2 hours outside of the city and the site was amazing, the site of the warriors was found by farmers who were digging a well on day in the 80's on their land, and they came across these pieces of pottery and some warrior heads. The site has still not been fully excavated but it is thought that there are tens of thousands of these warriors still buried under the earth. The ones that have been excavated are truly remarkable and it is incredible to see them all in rows, with all different features and positions. There are also chariots and horses too, and the whole site was build originally because a 13 year old Emperor about a thousand years ago ordered it to be. The remarkable thing is that there are no recordings of this site having ever been built and just walking around the site filled me with a sense of awe at how incredibly the human race really can be to have created each individul warrior with such precision and care.

After the amazement of the terracotta warriors we squeezed in some shopping in the local market (I got some more bits for the house James!) and we had some street food of egg, beans and rice with dumplings, very yummy indeed. As the rain was settling in heavier (yes, still raining!) we headed the two hours back to the city and headed for the Xi'an History Museum to wander around for a while. Most of the signs were in Chinese and the museum was mainly to do with ancient China and the terracotta warriors and it was fairly interesting, at least what we could understand of it.

From here we headed for a leisurely dinner and a restaurant that had an X factor style show being played live, the singing was terrible and it really made the dinner seem to drag having to listen to Chinese people singing very badly! In the evening we went to see the Big Goose Pagoda, a beautiful square with a huge pagoda at one end and water fountains covering the middle of the square. We wandered around in the dark, and we waited there until 9pm to see the show of the lights and sounds of the water fountains and it was quiet a sight, it was a bit like a bigger version of the water display in Las Vegas and we really enjoyed it, even if we did have to wait for ages for it to start. By the time we got through the traffic it was pretty late and we all went straight to bed ready for our first day of volunteering tomorrow.


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