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June 3rd 2008
Published: June 19th 2008
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The night train from Pingyao to Xi'an kept thudding to a halt and the AC didn't work, I was still grieving the death of my second camera and did not sleep at all. The train arrived three hours late into Xi'an and within seconds of exiting the station a man ran up to us to asked if we had anywhere to stay, of course we didn't, so he gave us two options of youth hostel, one right by the station whic... Read Full Entry

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A whole pair would be nice.
Church LifeChurch Life
Church Life

Next door, watching a young boy play with his cars. While he was being protected by two ladies.
Man downMan down
Man down

Terraccota Army stuff.

19th June 2008

Claire, You don't write a blog, you write a book!!! What an experience you have. I am glad you got your camera fixed. What a story. Your subtitles of Chinese proverbs helped break up the story in easy to read segments. Keep writing, you are the best. Kent
19th June 2008

Claire, Why don't you take your other camera to the camera repair man? If he could fix it you would have two cameras to drop. Kent
19th June 2008

thank you again
Dear Claire, Thank you for this amazing story of this wonderful man. I loved your 'rant' about all those 'haves' who squander it on trash. I feel exactly the same way. Carolyn ('gunga')
19th June 2008

Thank You
Once again Claire you take your readers into an entirely unexpected place. Fascinating tale of an extraordinary man. I couldn't agree more about the idea of wealth sharing. Interestingly that was supposedly the foundation of Communism, wasn't it? I love you darling. Kim
19th June 2008

I am touched beyond about all I can muster at the moment! Thank you so much Claire. My heart and my soul are changed forever. BIG HUG. Much love, MAC from California
12th July 2008

Thanks for the heart
Thanks very much Claire for using your energy and very huge heart in writing this article. I loved it and your very individual writing style ! Have to say I didn't recognise the guy though. Please keep doing what you do, you are touching so many people and then sharing with even more. Take care, much love T.
6th August 2008

Showing it to the world!
Both of you (Claire and Tony) are the type of people I want to become.You feed,you educate,you inspire others like myself out of our mundane and self comforting lifestyle.Tony feeds those who he can and you Claire show it to the world.Thanks very much for being legends in your own lifetime.Viva la Tony.Viva la Claire.Luv u guys heaps Dug F.

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