Day 6 - The Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Baths

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June 8th 2007
Published: March 14th 2018
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Early start to the day and our first stop was the obligatory factory outlet visit. I had checked the prices for souvenir warriors at the hotel gift shop but had forgotten them and figured they would be cheaper here so i did buy some. They actually make life size models of the warriors here and they were quite impressive. The factory also sold a lot of Chinese arts and crafts, but I didn't think they were that cheap.

Then headed off to the Terracotta Warriors and this was no disappointment. I had seen some before in Sydney when there was a special exhibition at the Powerhouse a few years ago, but to see the main pit was quite amazing, and to think they haven't unearthed everything yet. The best spot for a photo was hogged by a company selling photos and we had a group shot taken. I hope we end up getting a copy. We had plenty of time to admire the warriors and it was another highlight for me. Two pits and a museum to explore where they have some warriors and horses in glass cabinets so you can get a good close look. Also, an interesting 360 degree movie to watch and of course a souvenir shop where you could buy a book signed by one of the farmers who discovered the warriors. I wasn't going to buy one, but Dad said get one because this man will sign it. I was wondering who he was.

On the way to lunch we passed a place which had a reproduction of one of the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx. I was wondering what it was and discovered later that it was the "Museum of 8 Great Wonders of the world. I always thought it was 7 but it was 8 here.

After lunch we went to the Huaqing Hot Baths which were baths used by Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) and his concubine Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The grounds are another beautiful example of Chinese gardens and architecture.

The grounds were also the location of Chiang Kai Shek's field headquarters in 1936.

We then drove to a fabulous theatre restaurant, The Tang Dynasty Cultural Show, The food was Chinese but decidedly more western influenced but I still enjoyed. Even drank some rice wine which was pretty low in alcohol and was served warm and sweet. The show featured musical items, dancing and singing and was very entertaining, I would recommend it. Took many pictures, as the costumes and scenes were very colourful.

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