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May 18th 2014
Published: May 18th 2014
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Woke up feel not so amazing.Getting myself down by thinkinf about shit I have no control over.I came here 2 4get about all that and im thinking of it more.Not really the rite ppl here 2 talk 2 about that shit. Every1 here has their own problems that they trying 2 deal with.I wish I never found out how 2 express emotions properly coz ppl dont wanna hear it if they have their own problems.
Ohh well i guess I just man up and sort my shit out myself like every1 else duz.
Im gunna go 4 a run a asmall training session. Nothing 2 much as we have a whole week ahead of us.
Well I have eatablished thata staying in the school at the weekends in boring.There is only so much training and rest I can do at the weekend. Lol
Had a nice lazyish day. I did some washing, had a run, a skip, sit ups, press ups. Then I went 2 the cafe nearby and sat there with some guys fro our shaolin skool. Me and 2 guys had a water fight with some local kids. It was so fun untill 1 of the kids brought out a super soaker... it was no match for my 500ml water bottle.haha. Craig,a guy from Glasgow, has been teaching me some chinese. He is really into it and understands the workings of it really well. I learnt,how r u, thanks, dumpling, 1-10, how old r u, how much is that. The accents above the letters make so much sence, not like german or french. Hahahahaha. The accent denotes the tone of voice e.g. (v) above a lettee shows ur voice going down then up. If there is a (/) above a letter then ur tone goes up. (\) this accent it goes down. (-) and this is an elongated letter with not up or down.
P.s. I love, love, love, love dumplings. Hahahay


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