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May 29th 2009
Published: August 23rd 2011
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Qinghai, the west province of China, the path to Tibet, also known as "Heaven path", and the land of Tibetan also. So the natural beauty is main sight as usual. The Qinghai lake is the most famous there.
Qinghai lake, the biggest lake of China, also known as West sea in the past, because the lake is huge, and the people thought that was the sea or ocean. I went to the Qinghai lake in the end of May, that was the end of Spring and beginning of Summer in China, but there was a incredible event, while we were surrounding the lake, we met the snowing, raining and sun, just like 4 seasons all together, I never imaged the snowing on May is possible, there is a popular saying in China, "Snowing on May" means there is a huge injustice. Another interesting thing there is the source of the Yellow river, by first time I saw the Yellow river without the yellow color.
Qinghai is a huge province, there are lot of place to go, but there are no such cities around, the density there is very low, so the best way to visit the Qinghai is by car, and try to discover the places asking to local, we discovered the Yellow river's source asking them, there is not a tourist point, but very nice, this time we don't have own car to travel around, that was a pity, maybe someday I will go back there to explorer better, I like the west side of China, there aren't so developed, but much better because the people there want feel more and not gain more.

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