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April 19th 2014
Published: April 19th 2014
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Over my first month being here I had the opportunity to see both the Shenyang Normal University and the Paleontological Museum of Liaoning which is one the same grounds. I didn’t see much of either the first time I went there. But the second and third time I saw more of the Normal University. I figured since I had seen the Paleontological Museum I might as well see the university grounds as well. I didn’t have high expectations for the university since I had seen many others that weren’t that impressive. To my amazement this university was vast and looked great for the most part. Of course a few places were still under construction or in need of repair which is typical of most schools worldwide. Of course I brought my camera to snap some shots because my friend told me that this particular university was big and held a lot of interesting items to see.

Before I continue any further I might as well give some background information on this school. The school first opened in 1951 as Northeastern Education College. During its life the university has changed names a number of times. The last name change was to the current one when in 2001 two other universities (then the Shenyang Teacher’s Colleges and the Liaoning Educational College). The university comprises 18 colleges, divided into 30 departments. The university boasts a diverse number of research fields, and its research schools. The school has a partnership with the Fort Hayes State University in America which offers a double degree program in business. This double degree is one from Shenyang Normal University and one from Fort Hayes State University, but this particular program is the most expensive program that the school offers.

The school covers 1.2km square just in land and for actual floor space of 793,000 meters squared. The area, although still far from being as developed as other older areas in Shenyang, is changing fast. For example, the old village of Zheng Liang (正良) has now been razed with no traces of the original village, and a new development area called Xin Zheng Liang Cun (新正良村) will be built in the original village's place.

The new campus is home to the largest statue of Confucius. The university's libraries hold over 1.5 million volumes which is a lot.

As I walked around the school I was in awe on how clean and organized the school was and how beautiful the place was. I even saw the statue of Confucius. I would even say that if you had the opportunity to see the museum take some time and look around the grounds of the school. This is probably the only entry for a University that I will post, but who knows what the future will hold.

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