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June 13th 2010
Published: September 4th 2011
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Dangdong, the city from Liaoning province in China, border city to North Korea, after visiting South Korea in last month, I want to see how is north side, and they told me that was a scheme to get in North Korea from Chinese side, let's see it!!
First of all, we arrived in Shenyang, the capital from Liaoning province, there is the origin of Man ethnic of China, which created the last empire of China, Qing. So there is a mini forbidden city, the style is the same to Beijing's one, just much smaller.
Visiting the museums there in Liaoning, we saw basically two events, Japanese invasion and Helping North Korea against U.S.A. From the museum we can realize how Chinese doesn't like Japanese, showing so many cruelties made by Japanese against Chinese, and with my Chinese friend Tang Peng, he said that is exactly how they learned at school.
The museum of Helping North Korea against U.S.A is in Dangdong, that also was a great event in the recent Chinese history, that happened during the Korean war (1950-1953), mainland China already taken by communist, so China was sending army to help North Korea to fight against South Korea supported mainly by U.S.A., the communist just finished the war against the republican, there no such remained resource, but they sent the best they had in moment to help, and that was considered a great honor for Chinese, at least they learned that way in the schools.
Arriving there in Dangdong, we tried to find out the way to cross the border, to get in North Korea, and we discovered 2 Chinese were killed at border in North Korea because of some smuggling, so the situation was nervous, and the schemes couldn't be done... but it's OK, maybe one day.

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