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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang July 23rd 2010

Today was the first day we did some sightseeing in China. We woke up in Kun Shan and drove to Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang is well known for its rivers and river boats, which I really wanted to see. I got lots of pictures and we got to see a ton of the old parts of town. We took a boat ride too which was really fun. I think I stand out as American because everyone stares at me and some people stop and want to get their pictures taken with me. But I'm also the only person in China who lifts weights, so that could be it too. After we toured Zhouzhuang all morning we drove to Suzhou. The hotel in Suzhou is awesome! My room has a kitchen, bed room, and living room. And they have ... read more
Streets of Zhouzhuang
Lion statue in Sheng Jia Da Yuan
Some fish for sale in the market

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang April 8th 2010

We visited the little canal town of Zhouzhuang our second day together. The city had some beautiful things to see and delicious food, but the locals have definately learned to squeeze every cent out of the tourists. Every stall sells the same stuff, so we realized that nothing was truly an "original" as the vendors had insisted, and they originally asked for 200% more than they would sell for. All you had to do was say you didn't want to pay that much and keep walking and they would chase you down and offer their goods for substantially less. My favorite part of this town (besides the shopping and the cafe latte) was the Budhist Temple. I got a bit more artistic in this town with my photos, so bear with me.... read more
Female Lion
Male Lion

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang January 21st 2010

So, Paul and I had our classes cancelled and we were carted off to Zhouzhuang for something promotional. Three other guys came along, one from the school’s main campus in town. The driver was pretty quick and we were there in no time. The architecture was pretty cool, although I’m pretty sure it was all reconstructed in the past couple of years and made to look antique. There were bridges and canals and we had a tour guide leading us around. It was a bit cold, but there was hot green tea available. Anyways, we waited for the CCTV crew to get ready and saw people dressed as the Shanghai Haibo mascot running around. The actual filming was very short, maybe 10 minutes as they passed us in a canal boat.... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang May 27th 2009

You think you know how to count? Wait till you get to China! Whether you are shopping, buying tickets to the bus, train or to a concert, or simply asking for a table for your need to know how to count "the Chinese way". As in, there is absolutely no other way! I visited Shanghai and Zhou Zhuang 2 times in the last 2 months. My 3rd visit to Shanghai in 2 years. Was here on my way back home from a trip to Turkey and Greece last April. And then a second time around, on my way back again after meeting up and traveling with friends from Beijing through Xi'an and finally here in May. Yet, it has taken this long for me to realize that the Chinese count with their fingers in ... read more
One to 5 is the usual, but 7 and 9 is this way!
Dragonboat Festival
Dragon Dance

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang November 20th 2006

Day 171, 18th November Baoding - Ding Zhou It was a real battle of the arses last night between Toby and Scott. After eating something dodgy their guts were competing for the “Best Pebble-Dashing” award. Although Scott excelled in the amount of times he dashed to the bog, the award had to go to Toby who single-arsedly destroyed the toilet in a way I can’t really imagine. The was just a pile of bricks left! Despite this behaviour, we were invited for breakfast by our host before we left with dry tents. I believe reparations were made to the home-owner for the toilet. Our route continued south-westerly along the 107 through the big city of Baoding. The pollution was heavy and the roads were busy too. The weather was noticibly warmer, almost warm enough to wear ... read more
Baoding City
Chinese Dosh
Overloaded or What!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang November 22nd 2005

You all know how much I love big cities, but I am finding that Shanghai is testing my limits. I have decided that I much prefer a smaller city of, say, 12-13 million. Traffic here defies imagination--I can't even think of a word to describe it (and when I can't think of a word, that's a problem!) because not only is it congested, but it is different. Pedestrians having anything near the right of way? I don't think so! Bicycles are like cars and they just drive head on into the throngs of people crossing the street. The other day I almost got hit by a motorcyclist driving on the sidewalk. Maybe I should have looked a little closer into that travel insurance idea I blew off. So yesterday, Emilia and I took the bus to ... read more
Chinese opera
Emilia, photo # 8
Buddhist monastery

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Zhouzhuang August 2nd 2005

Taking advantage that Rene, Jenny's friend was visiting Shanghai, we decided to go to Zhouzhuang, a town only 1.5 hours away from Shanghai and best known as: "Venice of the East". Zhouzhuang is indeed a beautiful old town, full of canals and bridges. Before 1980, tourism was not developed there but thanks to a Chinese artist that sold a painting of one of the bridges in more than US$32,000,000 to the President of the Occidental Petroleum in 1984, became well known to the rest of China. A trip to Zhouzhuang should not exceed 4 hours. Immediately after arriving, we were surrounded by old ladies selling maps, offering hotels, etc. After a few minutes walking into the town, we arrived to one of the main streets, which we recognized because of the hundreds of kiosks and stores ... read more
Route to Zhouzhuang

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