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November 22nd 2005
Published: November 23rd 2005
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You all know how much I love big cities, but I am finding that Shanghai is testing my limits. I have decided that I much prefer a smaller city of, say, 12-13 million. Traffic here defies imagination--I can't even think of a word to describe it (and when I can't think of a word, that's a problem!) because not only is it congested, but it is different. Pedestrians having anything near the right of way? I don't think so! Bicycles are like cars and they just drive head on into the throngs of people crossing the street. The other day I almost got hit by a motorcyclist driving on the sidewalk. Maybe I should have looked a little closer into that travel insurance idea I blew off.

So yesterday, Emilia and I took the bus to Zhou Zhuang, a small, 900 year old water town with canals and bridges. It was nice to get out of the city. Today we are headed to Hangzhou, another smaller town with mountains and lakes.

I sent out the first travel blog yesterday but I think no one received it (user error!) You can find it by looking at the old entries.
Chinese operaChinese operaChinese opera

We caught an outdoor performance of Chinese opera. This was one of the actors putting on her makeup. After listening to her, now I know where Kate Bush got her inspiration.

Zai hue!

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Emilia, photo # 8Emilia, photo # 8
Emilia, photo # 8

Emilia said she got her picture taken 14 times yesterday. I lost count after this one.

23rd November 2005

Any sign of a turkey yet? It is raining and cold here and snowing in Vermont, where I head tomorrow morning. The pictures are great and I just know you have been shopping for a present for me. Tell Emilia Hazel sends her a kiss. As do I--
23rd November 2005

28th November 2005

Love zhouzhuang
Nice picture, I love zhouzhuang, been there a couple of times. If you can, try visit Zhujiajiao at Qingpu district Shanghai, also nice and unforgetable.

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