#3 Teaching at Taizhou Teachers College-Exploring Beyond the Campus Gate

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March 1st 2006
Published: July 23rd 2006
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Early Morning VendorsEarly Morning VendorsEarly Morning Vendors

The day starts fairly early and mobile vendors have to be on the ball to catch the early business of the day
Despite the still wintry weather, it's time to abandon my cosy "nest" and explore my local neighborhood. Let me take you on a walk around town and share with you the everyday life of Taizhou city in the surrounding streets to where I live.

A walk around my local area is always an "occasion" as one never knows what or who might be around the corner. As the only foreign face that I have seen around town, I am always the subject of much curiosity, amusement and shy, nervous "Hellos".

I have begun Chinese lessons this week with Vivian my Chinese co-teacher as my tutor. Absolutely hilarious. I usually have a good ear for languages, but I might say that I don't think I'll be a "natural" at this. Besides, the local people speak Wu- a rather different Chinese dialect from standard Chinese that we in the West call Mandarin! A smattering of Chinese words, lots of gesticulating and always said with a big smile will hold me in good stead until I make more progress. I certainly make the locals day, whatever I say!

Let the photos speak for themselves.

Additional photos below
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Bicycle MaintenanceBicycle Maintenance
Bicycle Maintenance

Never short of business there are several bicycle repairmen servicing the vicinity of the college. They are very obliging and can work wonders with next to no tools. They offer the use of a pump to ensure tyres are properly inflated.
Chinese ChessChinese Chess
Chinese Chess

Games are taken quite seriously and always attract a few curious onlookers. This newstand is quite "famous" in Taizhou. Sadly the owners lost their only son, so had no way to support themselves and their orphaned granddaughter. They took their plight to the local chapter of the Communist Party and they provided them with this newsstand. Fascinating.
#22 bus#22 bus
#22 bus

My lifesaver when I have overshopped at Lotus!
Nantong Lu (St)Nantong Lu (St)
Nantong Lu (St)

Busy main road running past our hotel with separate "side roads" for bike (and pedestrian) traffic. No-one seems to use the footpaths here!
Business TransportBusiness Transport
Business Transport

A wide variety of unusual vehicles is used to transport goods from place to place.
Favourite Mode of TransportFavourite Mode of Transport
Favourite Mode of Transport

Motor scooters are even more numerous than the pedal bikes and are freely available from specialist stores and even our local supermarket. About A$300-400 for a nice shiny new one!
Popular WorkhorsePopular Workhorse
Popular Workhorse

A close up of one of the more common vehicles used to transport a variety of goods. It's amazing what they can fit on one of these!

Still a very common mode of transport. Typical ride around town for short distances is about Y5 (less than an A$) Price does depend on size and weight- in the eye of the pedicab driver!

A Westerner is still a very unusual sight and many people are very curious, not just the children!
Can I Drive, Daddy?Can I Drive, Daddy?
Can I Drive, Daddy?

Children anywhere like to be "part of the action". It makes me a little nervous when I see a child travelling like this, but they seem to be fine!
No Smiles From Me Today!No Smiles From Me Today!
No Smiles From Me Today!

My favourite fruit vendor and one of our local cuties.
Little EmperorLittle Emperor
Little Emperor

A treasured child and his doting Granddad

Another proud Mum and her little darling show off their new mo-ped.
Budding ViolinistBudding Violinist
Budding Violinist

Watched by a very proud Mum and Grandma as well as the appreciative Westerner(me)!
Pride and JoyPride and Joy
Pride and Joy

One local who didn't want to be left out of the "photo session". He insisted on being photographed with his pride and joy, to the amusement of everyone!
Local EntertainmentLocal Entertainment
Local Entertainment

A large screen TV is set up in the local supermarket and is a popular respite from shopping. Not sure how many TVs they sell, though!
Who Needs a Billboard?Who Needs a Billboard?
Who Needs a Billboard?

Typical entrance to a housing estate. The large fancy sign announces the name of the construction company that built the complex. Certainly a great advertisement!

24th July 2006

Thanks treadie for the update..di
25th July 2006

What a wonderful thing Treadie. Your travelblog is so interesting. Me being the avid traveller. The streets look spacey and CLEAN. Put ours to shame. The people well dresed and normal.
25th July 2006

And there's more
It chopped me off and thanked me for the comment before I finished. Can't remember exactly where I left off. Anyway, the people, the streets and hotel don't look so different to us, unlike Hanoi when we were there, and of course the filthy crowded India. That's what it is. Being China, the biggest population on earth (isn't it) and yet where is the teaming population we expect to see. You go on enjoying and I look forward to your next instalment. Love to you

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