#114 Teaching at Taizhou Teachers College, China ( Re-posting of Photos lost in TravelBlog #113 )

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April 21st 2009
Published: April 21st 2009
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I am sad to report, that the TravelBlog site has had another problem, and many of my photos from TravelBlog #113 have been wiped out and lost. It is a frustrating experience to have spent hours upon hours to prepare an entry, only to see the efforts disappear. I am sorry that you were not able to see many of the "Taizhou Spring 2009" photos posted with my last entry, and so I will attempt to upload some of them again, but without the comments. It just takes too long to do it all again, and has strained some of the enthusiasm. The photos will speak for themselves. They offer some of the color I have experienced these past weeks, and I am happy that you permit me to share them with you. I hope they will bring you some smiles.

Additional photos below
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The Beautiful Parks of China are made ready to display their Spring Colors, 2009.The Beautiful Parks of China are made ready to display their Spring Colors, 2009.
The Beautiful Parks of China are made ready to display their Spring Colors, 2009.

A precious cargo of Azaleas is transported to a special place in the park. I gave this smiling gentleman the address to my home, but he thought it a little too far.

21st April 2009

beautiful spring
The photos are like a lovely walk through Taizhou, without the sneezing! Thanks for showing the beauty of the city. Hope you are well and received my email.
21st April 2009

So Jealous
I wish I could be there to enjoy the scenery as well Mr. Schneider :)
22nd April 2009

Herr Schneider!
Hello Herr Schneider!! I was wondering if you can send me your email please!! I love the pictures, they're amazing!! I miss you!!
23rd April 2009

Best wishes for you!
24th April 2009

Yes, in the 113th entry, many pictures appeared days ago, were replaced by pitchblack boxes, fortunately, still with comments. Generally, many people today are still deeply rooted in their own culture, like myself, never got bored by watching The Monkey King, The Three Kingdoms, Dream of the Red Cabin etc. Ich Konnte mein Lachen nicht halten, wenn ich das lezte Build sah: alle von uns haben irgendwann in der Vergangenheit wild gemacht! June
25th April 2009

beautiful photos
These photos are so beautiful !you really did a good job. Keep on taking the moment of daily life ,my friend. I look forward to your new and wonderful pictures!
29th April 2009

Miss you
I meet and talk with foreigner, but i still miss you--my dear teacher
30th April 2009

handsome man in a beautiful park~~~
30th April 2009

Really goo job!
I appreciate these beautiful pictures !It's beautiful!And you make a good image of Taizhou!Thank you!
6th July 2009

Happy holidays
Hello!!!I am now in shanghai to find a parttime job! I find it is very hard to find a good job!!!

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