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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 25th 2013

Gui (龟) I'm at the hostel with my feet in a bowl of water. I'm exhausted – I thought it would be a normal day – it’s only 10.30am. Zao Shang, I kept my promise with the ladies in the park and went to play shuttle cock footy with them before 7am, backed out gracefully through inability to play after about 5 minutes, watched for an hour, then went home, showered, ate, then decided I would go to Ding Hui Zi Xiang and sit in the temple but on the way, whilst crossing Gan Jie at the entrance to Ping Jiang Lu, I saw a man selling a Wu Gui. It’s the third I’ve seen in as many days. All being sold in the streets, all in sad conditions. … I ask him how much he ... read more
isn't it beautiful
after the rescue

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 22nd 2013

I walk down the lane skirting what little shade there is. It’s 10am and already 30 degrees. There’s no getting away from this heat or the people or the noise. I walk over Big Heart Bridge, down the next lane and round the corner, start walking up the old stone bridge by Cai Gen Lin’s house and come face to face with him after 2 and a half years. There was no way of letting him know I was coming, I can’t write hanzi, the post is unreliable especially when I stick a photo of him on the front of the envelope and make a stab at the address and hope it will arrive - I just thought I would turn up. We both stand in silence looking at one another. He’s thinner, taller, older and ... read more
Looking for?
making a living
shuttle cock retriever / lead roll carrier

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou May 29th 2013

Today we woke up early and headed to the Lingering Gardens, a traditional Chinese Garden. Here we were able to walk through the stone paths through bonzai, lotus lillies and Chinese opera performers. Although the gardens were absolutely beautiful, I think they highlight of the tour was the small group of random Asians that started following me around. A woman and her husband, about 60 years old asked to pose with me in front of the pond. A few minutes later, a group of high schoolers crept up behind me, when I turned around they all shrieked and then asked if I would take pictures with them. I guess I must have been the first (approachable?) white person they've seen...unless their was some inside joke I was missing. At least they didn't call me Lady Gaga ... read more
Chinese Singer in a boat

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou April 24th 2013

CHINA: FACES OF JIANGSU. Slow train to Suzhou...overnight soft sleeper from Anhui...woken by blaring music somewhere under Simon's mattress. Denise & Anna-Lou brush their teeth in the wash clearing his nose...filling the basin...changed our minds they declare...still can't find how to turn the music down. Chatting to an Aussie who leads school groups into Tibet...what a life...our fond memories of Lhasa...hope to go back there one day. Train sitting at a station...3 white snub-nosed trains pull in...surely can't be bullet trains...surely not. But they are. Taxi from the station...drops us off...pointing down a narrow a canal...entering another world of eons past...the ancient canal city of Suzhou. Ancient Ming Dynasty mansion...our digs for several days....massive rooms...4 poster bed...wooden bath...perfect. Or so I thought... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou April 6th 2013

when he picked up the phone and shouted, “wei! wei!”, I could hear the sounds of China and the heat of the street coming down the phone line. “wei, wo shi tracey” but he kept shouting over me – until he recognised the voice from England. it wasn’t what he said, but the way his voice was expressed through a large, beaming unseen grin, it wasn’t the fact that we talked over each other in unrecognised, incorrect words, or that we spoke for two minutes only. it was is the total undeniable, complete understanding of real friendship that was clearly recognised at both ends of a telephone held thousands of miles and eight hours apart. I am going back and wanted to tell him. I got that over. I felt the ripple of joy – felt ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou March 25th 2013

This past weekend was our first program outing: a two-day, one-night adventure to Suzhou and Zhouzhuang. Although our time was short, CIEE did a good job of jam-packing our itinerary and making sure we got the most out of our time away. At 8:30AM on Friday morning, we boarded a bus that took us an hour and a half away from Shanghai to one of the most distinguished of a multitude of canal towns, dotted around the Yangzi delta. Suzhou is renowned for its poetic gardens and beautifully spun silk. Our first stop was for a group lunch and lecture at the Pingjiang Hotel, located along a canal lined with small shops on cobblestone streets. Although we did not have much time to explore this first location, our general impressions were that we were in for ... read more
Stop 2: Suzhou Museum
Stop 3: Lingering Garden
The canals of Zhouzhuang

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou July 4th 2012

Sorry for all my english friends, but this one is in Afrikaans. Ons laaste dag in Beijing het ons spandeer in die Lama Boediste tempel wat die grootste tempel buite Tibet is. Hier is baie pagodas met allerhande soorte boedas wat jy aan kan dink. Daar is tot een wat oor die 30 meter hoog is en uit een stuk soliede sandlewood gekerf is. Hy is ook heeltemal aangetrek met syklere. Hier was dit vrek warm, hier is op die oomblik 'n hittegolf in China, so,ons sweet lekker. Gelukkig het ons aircon in die kamer, en ook is daar darem so paar reuse malls waar jy kan gaan skuiling soek van die hitte. Ons was ook by die Confucius tempel. Baie rustig en kalm plek, maar nogsteeds vrek warm. Volgende oggend het ons 'n taxi gekry ... read more
Suzhou train station
Bullet train at 306 km/h
Garden of the humble administrator

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 30th 2012

Hi All, Wow is the first thing that I can say. The Hongying Mountain Villa was worth the trip there and the entry fee. Really beautiful. It felt like we were on a Film set. Now there was opulent living it even had it's own opera stage. Mudu is really easy to get to from Suzhou on the new metro and then a pedicab, 15rmb, to the old town. You then pay 60 rmb for a ticket which gives you access to four old houses with gardens. Really worth the money. These houses were splendid. The only downer was the weather. It rained nearly all day and I mean rained we had thunder and lightning at one point. It was very relaxing sitting in the gardens watching the rain fall of the lily pads. I don't ... read more
mudu (1)
mudu (2)

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 28th 2012

Hi All, Ah it's good to be back out and about. After a long journey, 22 hours, we arrived in Suzhou. Unfortunately I got my dates a little bit wrong and we only had 2 full days here we could of done with staying for another day. We didn't get to see Suzhou museum which was a shame. We went there on Monday but it was closed and I would of liked to visit the other pagodas but there you go. We really enjoyed Suzhou. I wouldn't describe it as the Venice of the east but there are some lovely canalside alleyways if you ramble around the city. We had a lovely walk back to the hostel along a deserted, well deserted by Chinese standards you're never alone in China, canal. So we visited a few ... read more
around suzhou
around suzhou (1)
around suzhou (2)

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou June 4th 2012

Gestern Abend waren wir "lecker" essen. Ey sowas krasses hab ich noch nicht gesehen. Wir wollten mal etwas neues ausprobieren und haben uns an Schildkröte ran gewagt. In der Mitte vom Tisch wurde ein großer Topf mit einer Brühe gestellt. Mit ein wenig Gemüse und Gewürzen, war echt lecker. Und dann gings los. Als erstes kam das Hähnchen in Topf. Das ganze Tier kleingehackt auf einem Tablett und rein da!!! Inklusive den zwei Füßen. Nach knapp fünf Minuten kochen kam dann das zweite Tablett. Da lag da echt 'ne komplette Schildkröte drauf, schön geviertelt durch den Panzer. Was natürlich nciht fehlte waren Beine und Kopf mit Hals! Ey das war sooooo fies!!! Da waren sogar noch Krallen an den Füßen! Da ich das angelacht hatte musste ich auch als Erster probieren. Ich hab dann direkt ein ... read more
Fuß mit Krallen

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