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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou November 2nd 2005

the girls got more than they bargained for...* the good sense of course...and they were hosted by the families of students from Xing Hai school. Many of the parents went the extra mile and during our home visitation, they shared with us what they have been treated's a sampling of their immersion in the chinese culture: - a treat to the flavour of the month - hairy crabs - many of our gals have the chance to taste the seasonal crab and for the uninitiated, it's pretty expensive here in s' it's known for its fragrant roe! - learning how to make dumplings, drinking wine at a wedding dinner, having a famous calligrapher to give personal paintings - all these are part n parcel of the treats that were given to Ling Huan - thankfully ... read more
a pix of the policemen in Ling huan's house
wei lin's host family
wei lin's buddy

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou November 1st 2005

We are attached to SISS for 3 days during which the girls get to do the following fun: Tour the new school campus; attend music recital, english creative workshop; sports that's a fun one for them as they get to play soccer...seems that soccer is an all time favourite in china; today we visited Zhuo Zheng Yuan" or in English, "the humble administrator's garden" - a famous tourist sport in Suzhou, being rated AAAA (National Tourist Atraction Grade) in China. It's also on the World Cultural Heritage map. Built as early as the 4th year of the reign of Zhengde under the Ming Dynasty (1509 AD), the area is extremely large, covering 5.2 Ha and is one of the four most famous gardens in China. It is divided into the eastern, middle and western parts. ... read more
with the SISS students
front view of SISS

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 31st 2005

It's been almost a week in Suzhou, China and the girls are still healthy and chirpy, thanks to our gracious host. Some highlights of what they have done: Chinese Lesson on Suzhou in Computer Lab - equipped with fast broadband access...hmm...i think they seem faster than back in nygh :) The CL tr was very enthuiastic and allowed the girls to copy the ppt slides for their homework..of course, our girls were busy taking notes and one hardworking gal even tried to snap pix off the ppt slides....(no wonder "diligence" is one of our school motto!) sat was a fine bright day as compared to friday where it rained non-stop and the weather turns really cold. The girls were given a treat to 2 famous museums - "kunqu" and also "ping tan" which are two forms ... read more
Lesson in chinese culture
Group Pix
Beautiful lamppost

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 31st 2005's almost a week sharing a room with my colleague, teresa..n thankfully there's no fights, quarrels...etc's always a challenge to be the first to be out of bed...for our own professionalism..part of our SOP includes the nightly duty of : -charging the batteries for the camera, phone (it's sms for me n teresa to check on the girls and also for them to reach us) - setting the alarm...yep...they are the bane of our lives but a real necessity... - airing our underwear...hmmm..sorry..beyond this, is censored as i'm sworn to secrecy about what she wears to bed :) here're some snapshots of what we do.. have fun.... ... read more
on the job..with our brood
all the men in her life...hmmm
at the fruit orchard...

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 28th 2005

25th Oct to 27th Oct 05 this page is dedicated to my friends n family who wants to know what's happening in my life in suzhou. The pix are all about me, moi and myself...*grin...have fun and u can email me ur corny remarks if any :) a pretty standard day for me is : morning - work from my desk in Xing Hai School. Clearing school work and also nygh work..It's pretty neat that the school has broadband internet access where i can update the blog and also download emails from school. Managed to skype my colleagues and friends as well today :) minor achievement for a techie like me! lunch - never had a fixed lunch break in nygh as we all eat at different times but here all the staff eat at around ... read more
Our Merlion in Suzhou
my workdesk

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 27th 2005

The girls had lessons in the morning and an interesting session of learning the art of sewing from a master - the trick of sewing it right is that they have to look beautiful both upside and down as well...Ruo Shuang thot she did a good job until her buddy pointed out to her...hmmmt the underside needs to be just as nice :) A tough job for our nygh gal! U can see a sample in the pix below - but remember these are professionally sewn... Night time - some of our girls were given a treat to crabs - it being the season to eat crabs in Suzhou now.. More pix of the girls with their foster parents...cosy, comfortable and well taken care fact many of them felt very happy that they can have ... read more
Ruo Shuang and her buddy
Denyse and her buddy
not bad - a well kept room

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 26th 2005

The girls have fun attending lessons in class and learning all the terms in mandarin. Some girls even had a taste of crabs it's the season for crabs now. Weather's great - between 12 to 22 degree and our girls formed an impromptu team to play soccer against the Xing Hai girls. Some were captivated by their handsome teachers....and found lessons more interesting :) Hands on paper cutting session was a fun time for all - esp to those who discovered that they can do a complicated design effortlessly...*grin..for proved to be quite challenging !! Even Physics teacher, Teresa couldn't resist having her "xuang xi" cut out in various sizes... Home was cosy for the girls and the host families were all out to pamper their singapore friends...Beiyu has a room with a good ... read more
Beautiful Xing Hai Campus
Another facade of Xing Hai School
Beautiful image

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 25th 2005

Today we arrive safely in Suzhou, China to beautiful weather and a nice surprise. The girls and myself were pleasantly surprised to see the setting sun enroute to Suzhou Industrial park and to many of them, it reminds them of the "egg yolk" in the mooncake ! We were ushered into a reception hall where we were introduced to the parents and students who would be hosting our girls for the two weeks in Suzhou. ... read more
Beautiful surroundings
In class
nygh soccer team?

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 2nd 2005

The tour went through these towns a bit fast. We had about a day in each town.... read more
Wuxi garden II
Sun Yat Sen
Sun Yat Sen's Coffin

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou September 23rd 2005

We've had a wrenching stomach ache the last few days and they both started at the same time which leads us to believe it was one of 2 things: The apples that the nice elderly folk gave us on the train that were bought straight off the street and thrown into a dusty bag though they warned us to wash them, we were on the train using recycled water from the communal vanity room where I wouldn't be surprised if the sink shared the same pipe as the toilet. That or the coconut creme cookies purchased from the train station general store where they must have initially stocked all of their grocery items in 1992 and have been waiting patiently to dispel every product off the shelf. It's grabbed hold for the last 3 days and ... read more

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