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December 9th 2014
Published: December 9th 2014
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OMG... ten days on the Yantze ... no WiFi ... and then on day nine the computer fries!!!
Now sitting in hotel one and a half hours out of Shanghai very uncertain that this message will get thru.
Plan A is to fix Notebook; plan B is to buy something new...i-Pad?why not?
At the moment am very frustrated because the travel blog site has some errors, gemail is impossible and all I want is to let all know that I have survived so far with nine days to go with the group and eight days more of prisoner on the bus!

All is well except for fried notebook and one day of engorged intestines which needed a day to clean themselves out. Too much food in; not enough eliminated and the intestines revolted. Same thing happened in Paraguay ... way back.... three full meals a day is a sin to inflict on ones system ... three meals of basically the same type of food except eggs in any style and toast and jam are added in the morning. Well there is a thin yogurt too ... thinner than Yoplait and good.

OK some of the pent up fury at this laxcidasical machine ... 55 minutes just to get this far with no guarantee that it will ever reach the ether!

Its 17:01 now and dinner again at 18:30. hOPE THE tv WORK IN THE ROOM BECAUSE ALL MY BOOKS ARE IN THE NOTEBOOK AND i FINISHED KNITTING MY SOCKS ON THE THREE HOUR BUS RIDE TO GET THIS CLOSE TO sHANGHAI. sTOPPED AT A LOVELY GARDEN ...sorry about the cap-locks ... maybe subliminal I do feel like screaming .... no F*&^%$g email! ... hope this works. Sorry to all the people out there who could care less about my plight but at 10Yuan a half hour have to get in as much as possible and cannot go searching out the personal email addresses of closefriends and family.

All quiet in this eastern front ... the garden this afternoon was lovely as previously stated. A half hour tour was given and ended in an amazing Bonsai display of magnificent specimens and then there was a half hour for ... you guessed it ... shopping for watercolours on silk. When asked about blank silk .."Oh no'" and of course none to be had at the silk factory which is tomorrows shopping adventure. More time given for the goddamn shopping than the time at important museums!!!!

Will go out this evening to see if I can find some wool to knit the next pair of socks ... doubt I'll find an english novel.

DAre I try to do my banking on this machine .... thinkk I'll wait till I hit Hong Kong ... may wait to fix or buy computer too ... let's see what Shanghai brings.

OK now for the big test. If you are reading this today YIPEE ifyou do not read it until Dec 10th Sorry ... but I am alive and having a great time which will greatly improve once I loose of the bus!

As you can all read this entry did not get sent ... until now ... Dec9th in HongKong ... in MiniCentral Hotel (8x10 room with no chair and a lot of other things enjoyed in the five ***** hotels while with the group are also missing) in downtown HK four metro stop away from Mong Kok where demonstrations happened.

Watching Bionce concert, drinking Argentinian Malbec and eating pate but not fois gras!! which I could have bought at Oliver's Delicatessan. My in room picnic cost $51CAD or $337HKD.

THere is a lot to tell and there are wondrous pictures to send ... BUT ... not until I figure out how to download the pics the new computer. Had to go backtothw shop to find Word so i could write more blogs. All other blogs are stuck inthe fried notebook which is on its way back to Canada on a slow boat from China/HK in a box that cost me $17HKD and 230HKD to ship.

I will be in HK till Dec 18th. Then its back to China, Lijiang, Dali and then Lhasa,Tibet. Am going to organize my email addresses so that I can send email from and receive email while I am in China.

China email is<>


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