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July 15th 2006
Published: July 15th 2006
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Thursday night was crazy. We went to Bonbon, normally a trance bar. But it was Hisae's birthday, so we went to dinner first. Me and Chuck got her a cake, which was supposed to be a coffee and chocolate flavor cake, but was some sort of white cake with fruit. It was still good, but not what we expected. The food at the restaurant was good, but the service was lackluster, especially for what we were paying. We also bought a bottle of Chilean merlot, which I liked, but it was not to the taste of some of the others.

But here's the good part: we were at club bonbon, and the DJ was none other than the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff. Are you kidding me? He was cool when I was In 3rd grade! That was pretty tight. Actually, we're going back there tonight for - get this - Naughty by Nature. WTF is up with these old school hip hoppers invading Shanghai? (BTW - there's a Black Eyed Peas concert this coming Thursday night, but I don't think I'm going to it.)

Yesterday we went to Suzhou and saw some of the gardens - pretty cool stuff. I'll post pictures when I get them, since my batteries were dead on my camera and I didn't really take any pictures. I also have to post some pictures from the field trip we took last Friday to the Baoshan steel factory. I'll put them up in a later installment. We were all pretty tired from the night before since we were out really late, so when we got back we all took naps, and then went out for Shanghainese food. It was pretty good, but not great. Still sort of tired from the night before, we decided just to go back to Ryan's place and watch Entourage for the night, a bit more mellow than some of the other evenings around here.

Otherwise, I think the midterm went well enough - though I'm not exactly sure when we get them back. Whatever, I'm not here for school anyway.


21st July 2006

Naughty by Nature in Shanghai is cool, but Naughty by Nature at the Elks Lodge in Reno, Nevada was even cooler.

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