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November 7th 2005
Published: November 7th 2005
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the weekend for the trs were spent exploring the first water village - the beautiful Zhou Zhuang - which coincidentally is the hometown of our hosting school principal, Mr Shen. He personally showed us around the town and along the way i get to know lotsa chinese history and culture...hmm...n inevitably practising my chinese...

in fact my listening compre has improved tremendously...*grin but there ego was busted when my colleague told the truth...that i still have a limited repertoire of chinese phrases...okay...i got that..teresa...i would i improve my mandarin 😊

we also visited "Hu Qiu" - which literally means tiger hill..and guess has a leaning tower - like that of Pisa, Italy...all thrown in u get to see a hill, a tower, a special pool that is called the "Jian Ci" - which means means "pool that stores the swords"...apparently during the olden days...swords are gifts to the kings and a good sword is equivalent to having security..*grin...

in Zhou Zhuang - i introduced teresa to the horrendously fat oozing pig's trotters - which is actually a fact they are vacuumed packed for is named after a famous rich guy in Zhou Zhuang
teresa eating a " hu lu" sweetteresa eating a " hu lu" sweetteresa eating a " hu lu" sweet

i intro teresa to "hu lu" sweet..which is actually sugar coated "san cha" ...but from the pix..u might think she's blowing her hand...*grin
- "Shen Wan San" and it's called "Wan San Ti" and at the museum - there were 4 or 5 different theories of how he got rich :

theory 1 - he married a rich wife (that sounds contemporary 😊
theory 2 - he met a "shen sian" ie a fairy who told him some secret formula
fav theory - he was a pirate of sorts n do trading - all the way to java, malaysia etc...and he didn't pay his taxes !!!

unfortunately Mr Shen Wan San didn't get to live to a ripe old age..he was exiled to Yunnan as he did the politically uncorrect thing - a terrible mistake - by building and completing the wall 3 days before the emperor did (both he and the emperor were given half a wall each to build) ...hmmm..which shows that EQ is still an impt component in the days of old....take heed nygh gals...and learn from his mistake !!!

enuff of rambling...have fun taking a look at the pix 😊

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wan san tiwan san ti
wan san ti

the famous "wan san ti"
at the famous "twin bridge"at the famous "twin bridge"
at the famous "twin bridge"

"twin bridge" at zhou zhuang
scenic zhou zhuangscenic zhou zhuang
scenic zhou zhuang

night falls early - around 5pm
scenic zhou zhuangscenic zhou zhuang
scenic zhou zhuang

at the start of zhou zhuang
our bursting bags when we leave suzhouour bursting bags when we leave suzhou
our bursting bags when we leave suzhou

no prizes for guessing which one's mine!!
taking a shot at "jian chi"taking a shot at "jian chi"
taking a shot at "jian chi"

where the emperor "wu wang" kept his many many good swords
at the tower of "pisa"at the tower of "pisa"
at the tower of "pisa"

see the incline?

12th November 2005

NYBT MISSES YOU! PUT ON SOME WEIGHT TIFFANY! We'll be happy to see you back soon! Hi everyone else in Su Zhou! Have fun! :D

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