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November 4th 2005
Published: November 4th 2005
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it's been almost two weeks for us here in Suzhou and the gals have gone through 3 schools now.

Today we were at Bo Ai School - a special school for young children with disabilities.

It was a good learning journey for our gals as they learnt how to relate to the young charges under their care - playing with them, bringing them out to the garden, eating with them and also coloring pix with them. Tiffany as usual stealed the show by pealing the banana into many many "petals" and she became a hot fav amgst the boys who chased her on their bicycles. Others like Peggy, Ruoshuang, Weilin, Ewe went about in their quiet ways and brought smiles to the kids.

It was particularly exciting n thrilling for their young charges to race down the basketball courts as it is not often that they get to go outdoors.

To many of the gals, it was a lesson in life not to take things for granted - for many of the students at Bo Ai can't even walk or hold a spoon well.

What was touching to me was the love n dedication of the Principal - very evident in the way she handles each student. The teachers were also very patient in feeding the children.

Our gals performed the "Sheva, Sheva", "Nan Zhong Quan" and sang "Prince of Egypt" for them. The P remarked that our gals are indeed fortunate to have travel so far as compared to many of their students who can't even walk unaided.

This is an amazing school to me - as when i interacted with the students, what came thro' very clearly was their determination to live as normal a life as possible. They are fiercely independent and one gal "the xiao hua" or the most beautiful kid in the school, sang very well.

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enroute to the gardenenroute to the garden
enroute to the garden

look ma! c how "suai" we are..posing with Sze Ying
the race!the race!
the race!

wheeeez...look how fast we go!!
the two little cuties next to methe two little cuties next to me
the two little cuties next to me

on my right is a "xiao bu dian" who is the monitress of grade 3...she is a clever little gal...
"nan zhong quan""nan zhong quan"
"nan zhong quan"

hey..never knew that the "nan zhong quan" has got a costume :)
look..what we did for themlook..what we did for them
look..what we did for them

our final products...coloured pix for their walls

6th November 2005

Good to see you, 307!
It was great seeing all your happy faces again... Tiffany is crazy as ever, Joy forever beaming and Peggy and Ruoshuang, always so sensible and likeable...Not forgetting Huiling, Marilyn, Peiyi and my darling Li Tian too! Really, it's so good to see you girls. Its been great teaching you! Happy Holidays! Lots of Love OSC

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