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September 13th 2009
Published: November 25th 2009
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So, I received another gift on Friday from a student's parents. We met at 1pm and boarded buses and went to the middle of nowhere and had dinner. There was also grape picking, fishing, and karaoke. I took Jasper with and he definitely made it better for me. Mitch suggested it and he generally gives good advice, so I went with it. He was a big hit with the teachers and kept my arms and thoughts occupied with the dog, rather than boredom or other unpleasantries. So, all n all, it was a good time with food that left much to be desired. Alas, that's "Chinese" food from this area for you.

My cross stitch came in and I began working on that. Lulu has been helping me out, but her cats bother my allergies, so my time in her and Mitch's apartment is limited. Today I worked on preping for class this week. I made paper dolls to help explain clothing, since my brief experiment in class proved unfruitful. Both Paul and Mitch use paperdolls, so I figure it's the way to go.

Time seems to be flying by here. Yesterday Lulu and I took Jasper in for a shot, "jab" as they call it here. Lulu's going to help me look into getting papers for when I come home so I can get him back here with me. He has to be in quarantine this week, so I can't take him out or have him around many things. I really wish I could take him out, but he always finds something super gross to consume.

I really enjoy my independence here, but I sure do miss the US and my family and friends. I'm having a lot of trouble getting on facebook. I probably won't be able to get on it again.


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