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March 29th 2010
Published: March 29th 2010
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Blogging again!

Finally found an...accessible blogging platform, although having to use formatting codes leaves a little to be desired. I can't even remember the last time I blogged...because I couldn't log in or even see the websites! (Can you tell I'm a little bitter about internet access issues?) Anyway, I'm glad to be blogging again and hopefully it will be entertaining for those who read it.

Duration of "Mission: Sam in China" so far: six months and 18 days. I'm not counting, it's just that the day I flew into Huhehaote is burned on my brain. I was scared out of my mind: I had no idea what to expect or if I would be "good enough" to meet the challenge of living and working abroad.

I haven't seen as much of China as would like, but I think a pretty valid excuse is the fierce winter that has struck all of China, not to mention Inner Mongolia. I went to Shanghai expecting a relief from winter, and got a rude awakening when it snowed my first day there. Palm trees grow in Shanghai. Something wrong with this picture? Needless to say I cannot wait for those balmy spring days to float in somewhere around June. Yes, I am serious: it doesn't really get warm here until after May.

Shanghai, despite the shock of enduring winter in a place where most houses don't have central heating, was a blast. I got some good rest from my job; walked the entire downtown with the nephew of my friends, hooked up with him the next day to go to the antiquities museum and then go out and play pool (it doesn't get better than that); saw "Town of Seven Treasures" and "Chenghuang Miao;" experienced a traditonal Spring Festival with my Chinese friends; and ate the best food I have had since coming to China.

Pictures of Shanghai to come if I can ever figure out the codes for that. Tian'a, I'm such a lazy blogger.

Signing off from the Blue City - Sam

p.s. - I just figured out how to upload photos, but not how to format them, so be warned. I added a ton of photos below.

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29th March 2010

Glad you are blogging again!! Love you!
1st April 2010

One thousand words
Sam- Thanks for the photos......and keeping in touch. Always exciting to hear your impressions.
3rd April 2010

nice post and nice pics welcome to china

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