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April 24th 2013
Published: April 24th 2013
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Looking at all the blogs about Baotou, Inner Mongolia on TB, I realised that out of the 14 blogs, 8 are mine! Wow...

I flew back into Baotou on July 2! 2012 after not having been in China for a year and 7 months. Initially back for a 3 months contract, I was very excited about seeing my old students again and to visit the city that I know so well, eat all the amazing (and cheap) food and the weather too! (3 months of 30-40 degrees... Yeay!)

It had been a little short of time to get my visa sorted out and it was just 4 days before flying cheaply via Moscow to Beijing that I got my passport back in the mail. I had spend the night at Dusseldorf airport due to my early morning flight and had to spend another night at Beijing airport due to my 01:00 arrival followed by my 07:00 departure to Baotou. It was business as usual in front of the airport with the first few taxi drivers thinking I was an amateur China traveler and therefore trying to trick me into taking me downtown for ¥100. No way! So I walked
Playing cardsPlaying cardsPlaying cards

In my apartment complex area
to the back of the line where I found a driver who would use his meter. It takes about 40 minutes to the western district of Kunqu and costs around ¥35.

Ni shuo zhongwen ma? Ni shi na ge guo jia de? Ni duo da? Ni yi ge yue duo shou qian? Ni you nu pengyou mei?

"Do you speak Chinese? Where are you from? How old are you? How much do you earn every month? Do you have a girlfriend?" Answering all the taxi drivers' questions helps make time go faster and practicing my Chinese is better than having to listen to the radio most if the times.

Ok, fast forward 10 months (!) to April 2013 and I'm still here, not having worked on my blog for nearly a year. After the summer contract I took up another year contract as my funds were insufficient for studying a year. I am now halfway my year contract, studying Chinese very hard in my own, and hoping to start studying Chinese early 2014, as my contract finish date is after the autumn semester start date 😞

Hope to continue writing blogs again from now on!!

Additional photos below
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Off the Gang Tie Da Jie bridgeOff the Gang Tie Da Jie bridge
Off the Gang Tie Da Jie bridge

Over the Kundulun River
Off the Gang Tie Da Jie bridgeOff the Gang Tie Da Jie bridge
Off the Gang Tie Da Jie bridge

Over the Kundulun River
Tree lined walkwayTree lined walkway
Tree lined walkway

West of the Kundulun river
Flooded Bao Bai StreetFlooded Bao Bai Street
Flooded Bao Bai Street

After heavy rains
Stew of organsStew of organs
Stew of organs

Near my apartment, not quite sure on the animal they belonged to.
Beijing Terminal 3...Beijing Terminal 3...
Beijing Terminal 3...

... at 3 a.m.
Beijing - BaotouBeijing - Baotou
Beijing - Baotou

Air China's Olympic paint scheme
Wu lan dao street, under constructionWu lan dao street, under construction
Wu lan dao street, under construction

Which turned into a raging river during a recent rainstorm

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