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Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang August 24th 2017

Oh, the lady just wouldn't shut up! For half an hour! My four hour bus ride from Zhangjiajie to Fenghuang was annoyingly punctuated with selling spiels on the sound system that would drown out the music in my headphones. Not all of us can afford Bose noise-cancelling technology. Because I couldn't really understand everything that was being said - I can pick out words that I know but not enough to understand everything that is going on - I also wondered if this was a tour bus that simply sold out its spare seats to people simply wanting to get from A to B. The lady did seem to talk about what "we" would be doing and was providing a little bit of information about our destination. The rest of the time she was simply flogging ... read more
'The Bend' By Day
Wanming Pagoda
North Gate Tower & City Walls

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang June 19th 2015

"First Lone Train Ride" I have mentioned before the timelessness of a place, but a night time train rides are more like a stagnant time period. Seating in an aisle seat with only a few more words added to my Chinese vocabulary scared me. This was unfortunately the adventure I had agreed to take by accepting my friend's invitation. It was like the times I had walked alone on the streets of Paris or the streets and parks of Jinhua because of the freedom it gave me. Unfortunately, the language barrier seemed more heavy on my shoulders in this confined space in time. The lack of my heavy suitcase was the only boon I received during this first lone ride. I travelled much lighter this time with only my courier bag, black trench coat, and my ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang March 18th 2015

and the last of my South China traveling is Fenghuang ancient town. may be most of people didn't know what is this place. Fenghuang ancient town or Phoenix ancient town is the most beautiful ancient town in China. It has a lot of charming here. Before i came this town I thought this small town i shouldn't have been here one day enough. but when I arrived I realize that this ancient town has a lot to see. this scene is so beautiful here. I am high recommend you to come here and stay may be 2-3 days for impression the scene. and in the night is town so much fun and has a lot of Bars & Beers. and you must see the nightlife here all buildings are decorated by multi-color light. and you will ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang January 28th 2012 ….. the continuing story of a journey across China in search of balmy weather, sun, golden sand & a swim in azure waters. We've given up that idea, given that it's the middle of winter, has led us to Hunan province, about halfway back to Yangzhou & where there is no hope whatsoever of any of these things. To recap from last week's blog we finally arrive in cold, grey, wet & miserable Changsha, Hunan's provincial capital, more than 4 hours after the appointed time, about 20 hours on the bus. However we need to be in Jishou, about 400km west, where we would have ended up IF Sunshine could have bought train tickets in Beihai. My friend from the small Hunan city of Jishou, Mr. Xiang Kuan Yu, has send a friend to ... read more
Treacherous road, Hunan
Fenghuang, Hunan
Bridge, Fenghuang, Hunan

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang September 14th 2011

Hi All, Great fun here and an old town with two very different faces. In the day a mass of chinese tour groups and tourists posing in costume to have their photos taken. Then in the evening it turns into a pumping nightclub with live bands, KTV, dance music. A lot of young Chinese couples here for a good time. The town itself is very pretty and the area behind the bridge near the pagoda is especially beautiful. It was worth the long bus ride from Shaoyang. Enjoy the photos and Jah Bless... read more
Day One (7)
Day One (10)
Day One (11)

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang October 24th 2010

Fri 22 / 10 Apologies for the delay in this blog as we has an early night (8:30) to pick up the spirit of the holiday. Rice and clear soup has been the order of the day and something to sooth the persistent cough The itinerary told us this was to be a 4 hr drive to Fenghuang Ancient Town so we were expecting a long drive. Toda was a visit to Furong Town - and old laneway area of old China then onto the ancient village including a boat ride through the area View many of the old buildings with a lot of walking - Yang's ancestral home, Xiong Xilings former residence amongst others All very interesting The stomach issues and coughing with some in the group taking all forms of 'recommended' Chinese remedies. It ... read more
DSC00632 Furong Town
DSC00650 Fenghuang

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang October 23rd 2010

For those who have never done the backpacker / travel-on-the-cheap thing, I have to tell you, it can be some seriously hard work at times. I mean, there really is an art to travelling as cheaply and close to the ground as possible. I was reminded of this recently when I caught an overnight train from Yichang (the end of the Yangtze River Cruise) to Zhiangjiajie. I caught the train at 1am and had to be up again at 4am to get off at my stop. When I walked out of the train station at 4:30am, absolutely everything was dead minus a few taxis and a local bus. I needed to catch a minibus from Zhiangjiajie City to Zhiangjiajie Village, and they didn't start running for another two and a half hours. Of course the first ... read more
The Dragon Boat
Yangtze 2
Yangtze 3

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang April 26th 2010

Day 21 - 26 April Unknown to our little Kiwi crew, (and I am guessing all of you) there exists a Southern “Great Wall of China“. Dwarfed in comparison to the Great Wall up North, it is never the less, another massive piece of Chinese historical infrastructure. Seemingly abandoned in the local countryside, we stop there, en-route to a local traditional Miao Village. A lone guard, left behind by the Ming Builders, bars our access when we clamber to the top of this stone structure. Something about “National Monument being protected” our guide tells us. I muse over the protection afforded Fenghuang old town from the modern Mongol hoards from the North that invade every day, and decide the argument is not worth having as the others have all followed “the flag“. This outstanding monument is ... read more
Mind if we drop in for a visit
Our formal welcome
Miao Houses

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang April 24th 2010

Day 19 - 24 April We sit here, in the most extraordinary location so far. We are in Fenghuang, a mere 2 ¾ hour bus ride from Huaihua. Forced to stay an extra day in Guilin, through lack of train tickets, we secured 3 sleeper berths on Wednesday for a night train to Huaihua. This saw Frances and Lauren in one cabin, and Molly and I next door. We arrived there at 0115 hrs with no accommodation booked. As I am rapidly learning in China, this was not to be feared. Described as a city of 127,000 inhabitants, Huaihua is not to be confused with a Hamilton! The station was swarming, and the concourse alive with vendors and touts. Within 50 metres we saw probably 7 signs with the word “hotel” mentioned. The receptionist at the ... read more
Lauren enduring the crowds
Our accommodation
Spot the waving

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang April 4th 2010

We left Zhangjiajie village in the morning with the minibus and once again took the road to the town. This time we found the center of the town, because this is where the bus station is. It wasn’t that we had really missed much on our previous visits as the centre was fairly uninspiring, although there were signs that the town will improve during the next few years, with buildings being torn down and lots in the first stages of construction. Vivian had told us that there were only two buses a day to Fenghuang so we immediately bought our onward tickets, which turned out to be very wise as the bus was more than full. We walked around the town while waiting, and as the bus trip was four hours we looked for somewhere to ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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