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Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang May 23rd 2018

Our ninth day in China proved to be the most quirky yet. An early flight from Shanghai to Yichang meant getting up at 4.30 am - never an easy thing to do. We had no idea what we were to do with ourselves once there but in fact, Sarah, who was there to meet us at the airport, had activities planned for the whole day. First, she took us to a garden on the banks of the great Yangtze River (third longest in the world) and I breathed the first fresh air in this country. Yichang has a population of 1.4 million people and it has no hint of the smog of the cities we have been to thus far. Next, we decided to have a foot massage (our neck and legs we also manipulated during ... read more
Lovely riverside garden
Garden and river view
Our view, first night at Yichang in the Victoria Sophia

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang August 17th 2017

Never backpack China in summer. As well as crowds of domestic Chinese tourists - the most annoying of all tourists - all taking their holidays, it is bloody hot. With no point-to-point transport available to foreign tourists like there is in Vietnam, transfers have to be made between stations and accommodations, and travelling alone with my budget starting to spread thin, taxis are not an option. Therefore, after a workout just to get to the train, onto the train and to get my bag up into the overhead shelf, I along with everyone else on the train had to wait an eternity for the air-conditioning to come on. It was so hot in there, I feared I might pass out. I seemed to be the only guy sweating through all my clothes though, as if I ... read more
Three Gorges Dam
Xiling Gorge
Lead Chanter

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang January 21st 2016

Hi All, I've been looking forward to this for so long. We caught the ship in Yichang. We sailed with the Century Cruise company. It cost 2500 rmb for 4 nights, 950 rmb more expensive than a Chinese national for some reason. The price included a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner and 3 excursions to the Three Gorges Dam, A boat excursion down a smaller gorge and a guided tour of the ShiBaoZhai pagoda. There was also entertainment in the evening and the ship only sailed through the gorges in the daytime. With it being winter the ship wasn't full which gave it a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I was a little sad when we got to Chongqing because I had really enjoyed just lying back and watching the Yangtze go by from our balcony or just ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang June 30th 2015

After I decided against a multi-day tourist cruise along the Yangtze, I took the 4h high speed rail ride to the mid-sized (by Chinese standards) city of Yichang, which is the gateway to a visit to the controversial Three Gorges Dam. This was something that I'd read and heard about before, and piqued by the massive engineering feat, I told myself it was something I wanted to see as I made my way from central China towards the coast. Located in the province of Hubei, and perhaps in the shadow of its nearby provincial capital Wuhan, Yichang seemed to me as average as a typical heartland Chinese city could be. With a population of several million (yes, that's average in ginormous China), and signs of both modernity (gleaming new malls, ongoing construction) as well as age ... read more
Niu Rou Mian (aka Beef noodles)
Town Square
Roundabout in City Centre

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang March 1st 2015

Geo: 30.7, 111.28Our second full day on the Yangtze was spent sailing through the 3 Gorges. Spectacular steep mountains, some still with snow on the top. Many farmers were relocated higher up the mountain as the Dam raised the water level. However the soil is not as good higher up and how they subsist I cannot imagine. We could see tea grown on terraces. I think these Gorges would be really pretty in May or September. They are still impressive but it was very cold and windy outside on the ship. After lunch we left the ship and went onto smaller boats which took us up the Goddess River, a narrow tributary of the Yangtze. Their sailing was definitely worse than their driving as we collided several times with other boats! High up in the cliffs ... read more
Staff dance show
Fan dance
The blurred figure on the left is Tiz on stage

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang December 7th 2014

Geo: 30.7, 111.28Today's title is courtesy of Kamie. It is his Mandarin pronunciation of "The Love Boat."Today was another interesting, funny, and long day in China! We were up around 5:30am... showered, dressed, and suitcases packed. We ate another fishy egg with toast breakfast and then put our checked bags outside of our room with our tour group luggage tags attached. After breakfast this morning I got tickled and it was because of Newman - he is free entertainment for us. He immediately started telling us he was buying a tea set for some friends getting married. As we were looking at the tea set we were all waiting to check-out of our rooms and he tells us he almost started a fire in his room and short-circuited one of the outlets so he was waiting ... read more
Victoria Cruises Ship
No Wuv on de Boat
Rickshaw Ride

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang November 17th 2014

8 Days with Shu Fey- Heavenly Stream and Three Gorges Dam Locks Today dawned misty, foggy as we disembarked our river cruise ship at Wu Gorge. We walk across pontoon gangways and docks to yet another bus waiting to take us to a tributary of the Yangtze, the mouth of the Heavenly Stream. As we approach a landing for small boats, we file off the bus and walk across a floating platform to a flotilla of small Chinese tour boats painted in yellow and greens. The boats hold about 20 people each and have glass on the sides and roof so that we can see up the steep cliffs of the gorge. All 44 of us piled on to three boats. As we meandered up the gorge it got narrower and narrower. Unfortunately it was raining ... read more
At village Heavenly Stream
Lock Three Gorges Dam
First Lock

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang September 15th 2014

After a very long bus ride from Emei Shan, we arrived in Chongqing. It took nine hours, when it should have been around five, and included a stop at the most horrible ladies toilets ever! It was interesting to see some of the countryside, but we were very glad to get on our boat, the Oriental Emperor. The boat set sail along the Yangtze overnight with about 150 Chinese tourists and our small group. At breakfast the next morning, a few Chinese people stood and stared at us eating - it would have been disconcerting if we hadn't already been photographed lots by Chinese people, including a monk with an iPad... The next day we docked at a couple of places - they weren't keen on letting you off the boat unless you paid for their ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang May 12th 2014

Geo: 30.7, 111.28Had an interesting guide who loves the new President Xi. Xi has sacked a lot of corrupt civil servants and shows promise in taking meaningful steps to reduce the pollution problem.The Three Gorges Dam was impressive, as is all of the major infrastructure we have seen. However, 1.3M Chinese were displaced due to the dam and generally they are not happy with their new lives. The dam's main purpose is flood mitigation, but it's turbines were also expected to produce 10%25 of energy needs. Due to China's boom, only 3%25 is produced and four new dams in the west are under construction to produce another 6%25.Ship's WiFi is woeful so I've only been online once. I'll update the blog and check emails this evening in Shanghai.Quick opportunity for blogging at the Yichang airport, waiting ... read more
Three Gorges Dam
President No.8

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang April 12th 2014

Geo: 30.7776, 111.174Well that was a little surprising. Here we were thinking that we had been cruising slowly upstream through the night only to find out we were still moored at the dock.... The boat hadn't moved an inch,If you think that life on board the boat is "cruisey" think again. The schedule is full and the activities come thick and fast. There is no rest for the wicked or even "the lucky ones".Our dining table is set for the cruise and each meal is shared with an Australian family from Sydney (Nancy, Stephen and their son Matt) and a German couple (don't know their names yet). With 5 Aussies at the table we are already loud as our combined laughter echoes around the dining room. Our German colleagues try and keep up with very limited ... read more
The Tribes of the three gorges
Just a little water
Getting to the dam

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