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June 4th 2010
Published: June 4th 2010
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As a few of us on the staff have said,"It's all too much fun!" Today's lunch was a good example. Over the last few weeks, a group of us have taken off at lunchtime to a nearby "food street" to eat. There are fifty universities in this city and many have a similar area nearby where you can get great street food at a cheap price. There a couple we go to, both adjacent to different universities.

Today I decided to document our little journey. We now take everything for granted and every once in awhile I have to give my head a shake and realize that this is not what everyone does. Maybe others would be interested in seeing this side of our life! It's only a five minute ride from the school to get to the place but well worth the short trip. We can escape Maple Leaf for a bit, eat a great lunch and be back in plenty of time for the afternoon classes.

The variety of food available is amazing and everything is fresh and delicious. We all have our favorite foods around the city and in this particular spot. The best part is that you can pig out for half an hour on a variety of dishes and a drink and not spend more than a couple of dollars in total!

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Another great cook!Another great cook!
Another great cook!

It is easier to get photos of people now that I can speak a bit of Chinese (and call them beautiful!!)
Not really what it looks like!Not really what it looks like!
Not really what it looks like!

This little kid just decided to take this stance for the photo...
And back to the school we go!And back to the school we go!
And back to the school we go!

Janice in the sidecar snaps Sanya on the back of the bike as we cruise back to the school.

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