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June 27th 2008
Published: June 27th 2008
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No, it is never a dull moment here!

I have been seeing an eye doctor at the local hospital. We went to the hospital the other day for a follow-up eye exam for myself. We also decided it would be a good opportunity to get our eyes examined and buy glasses which we both desperately need. It is easy since all this takes place in the same general area of the hospital, including purchasing glasses.

When we walked through the front door of emergency, the once familiar nursing station and greeting area was hidden behind a wall of people, cameras and lighting equipment. We soon figured out that they were shooting a tv series or movie. It was difficult to say which doctors and nurses were acting and which were real. No movie sets here....just march into the local hospital and take over!!! We pushed our way through the crowd that was watching and made our way to the middle of the set and the nurses that were behind the counter. The director "shushed" us a couple of times and motioned to us that they were filming! We managed to get the information we needed before we were politely moved outside the doorway with a few others that were also doing real hospital business.

As we were waiting to go up to the 5th floor to the opthalmology department, an older female doctor approached us and proceeded to carry on a conversation in broken English. To this day, I am not sure if she was one of the actors or one of the hospital staff! The whole movie crew then proceeded to move to another location in the hospital, filming along the way. Extras were waiting in the wings and directed to move around in the background as needed. Yep, it was a different day in the hospital for sure.

And today, we leave to begin our trip back to Canada. Tonight, we get to Dalian (a 2 hour flight) and then tomorrow afternoon we leave for Vancouver. It'll be a 1 1/2 hour taxi ride to the airport so we leave in about two hours from now. Place is clean, goodbyes have been said and electricity is stocked up for the next few weeks. Next year will be a little different since Nancy has been hired as half-time librarian at the school for the year. We also have a cleaning person lined up for the fall so that will be one less thing to worry about while we are both working.

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Parting shots of my younger classParting shots of my younger class
Parting shots of my younger class

As in BC, the little guys had to stay right till the last day of June

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