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June 5th 2008
Published: June 7th 2008
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22nd August 2008

Thank you!
Thank you so much for posting this, and for writing so much about life in Wuhan. I'm going to be moving to Wuhan in five days, so I was happy to have such specific and up to date information.
26th August 2008

Cost of life in wuhan
Today, August 26-2008 the price of a cab is 4 quai the initial rate, so for a two mile ride is 10.10 quai, i pay that every day, yes it will be rounded up to the next digit; a cheap rent is 800 quai, and is very cheap, the common is 1,200. A decent meal for two is about 30, a cheap one, to 200 and much more, depending on what you chose for eating, western food is more expensive than local one. macdonnalds is 25-28 quai.
1st December 2008

Room rent
You mentioned the rent is 300-400RMB. Is it very cheap? I will be moving to Wuhan next year. The company will pay 2500RMB for the room rent. How good is the room at the price of 2500RMB?
13th December 2008

Wuhan Rent
Rent in our area of the city is 300-400 dollars per month. We live in a gated community that has very nice apartments. We pay 2000RMB per month for our completely furnished two bedroom place, complete with two balconies. For 2500RMB per month, you would be able to get an "upscale" two or three bedroom apartment.
18th June 2009

This is awesome! Thanks for supplying all this information, I am so excited about living in Wuhan! Cheers
14th December 2009

quite good
Your infromation is quite good... I am local resident, and believe you are quite familiar with Wuhan. Nice to read a artical like this, and welcome to wuhan
24th February 2010

Teaching English or gigging in Wuhan.
Hi! Thank you for the info. best yet. I have hunted around a bit and this is definitely the best. My Concern... I have met a really nice lady, albeit on the net, who lives in Wuhan and I really want to visit with a view to living there. As I have not a lot of money I am wondering if I might supplement this with my music or teaching in some capacity. I have been a vocalist/pianist/organist for a long time. I hesitate to call myself a pianist as I normally only use this for singing. I can also do 1 hour shows with backing tracks. Mostly my act is swing or ballads but I can sing in Italian, Spanish .French and Tagalog. I am beginning to sing Mandarin at the moment. I don't really want to ask my girl-friend too closely because I don't want to appear cheap or maybe stingy. It is a case of necessity. How much do I need to stay there indefinitely/ Very ,very grateful for any help anyone could give me. I can supply tapes or C.ds if anyone interested to listen.
26th February 2010

Working English or gigging in Wuhan
The easiest way to get into China, as far as I can see, is to obtain a job as an ESL teacher. Once you are here, there are opportunities to earn a bit of extra money with your music. There are a a few clubs that will pay for gigs and there are audiences of foreigners here that want to see live entertainment. Live foreign music increases the clubs' foreign clientele and provides a place for musicians to perform. It is a win-win situation.
25th July 2010

Cosy convenient safe flat free for rent
Hi anyone interested in renting a flat in wuhan? Feel free to contact me by 18971268473 either by English or Chinese. I m personally landlord,can kindly offer some helps if u r new here.

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