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May 14th 2008
Published: May 14th 2008
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The numbers are still mounting quickly as more villages and towns near the epicenter are being reached. I have been getting a lot of my information from the cbc website which is interesting. Of course, it is all over the papers here and the television, but all most of us here can understand is the pictures. I think we probably know about as much as anyone else in the world does at the moment.

There was a small assembly this morning where the situation was discussed with the students. A fund-raising campaign that was originally destined for Burma has been changed to help out the Chinese affected by the disaster instead. We were all very impressed on the speed at which the head of the country got to the site and went out of his way to get right into the middle of it as quickly as possible. Much has been said about the genuine emotion he has shown about the whole affair.

I put a website address on my last entry that has info from local Chinese bloggers. They have since changed the address to .
There are several videos, dialogues and pictures from people caught in the middle of it all. The video of Wuhan is apparently being "worked on". When it disappeared off the site, the first reaction was that the government had removed it, but apparently the author is just making some changes!! Everyone here is used to things on the net disappearing overnight and is quick to blame the government before they know the real story!! Apparently, it is the most censored internet in the world...

Anyway, that is about it for now. I just had a few minutes today in school to make a little update on the situation. The weather is still beautiful and the end of the school year is approaching fast.


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