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Asia » China » Henan » Xinyang August 3rd 2012

The computers in China really give me fits - SOOOO FRUSTRATING! I did this whole entry last night and then the computer froze up, so here I am redoing it this morning. I am in Beijing now - Sunday morning I head for home! I am really ready to go home though I will miss China once I am gone. By now you should be hearing me scream in North America. Try number 9 and a good 45 minutes wasted trying to do this one entry. I not only have this paragraph memorized it is scalded, burned, branded into my mind! UGH! Last night I arrived in Beijing after an almost 7 hour train ride in the day train. A new experience for me and one I care not to repeat! I am not complaining mind ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Xinyang August 1st 2012

Back to present time. There will be pictures added to this one at a later time too. This will be my last entry for the day as I think the people in the hotel would like me out of the office. This may be my last entry from China too as I head home Sunday - it is now Wednesday morning here. I leave Xinyang in the morning by train to Beijing to join the others. It is a 9 hour train ride. Hopefully this train won't be 2 hours late like the one from Nanchang to here! June 30 - Charles comes to visit me from his home. It is a 4 hour bus ride for him! He was my student, with his wife Mary, in 2004. They are both English teachers in their home. ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Xinyang July 31st 2012

A step back a couple days . . . There will be pictures to go with this when I return home too! The alarm clock goes off and church begins at Xinyang! We stand and shake hands and wish each other God's peace. Well at least that is what I have always assumed we are doing - I am wishing them God's peace anway. Then there is the responsive reading. I think it is Psalm 46 - it sounds good to me anyway. God is our refuge and our strengh and ever-present help in trouble! . . . . The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob our fortress! Part of me misses the old church . . . I know it is silly - the hard wooden benches with us packed on them ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Xinyang July 31st 2012

Still on Sunday the 29th. There will be pictures with this one at some point to - when I am able. Sometime around 6pm. Time for noodles from our favorite mom and pop noodle shop! I head out of the Sunny Hotel and head back towards "my street." I decide to walk as it isn't that far and I have to have that shirt fixed on the way anyway (I saw many seamstresses with there sewing machines that are probably 100 years old on my my earlier walk from church). I cross the street and as I make my way to dinner I see a seamstress in an ally and make my way to her. There is a toddle there and as I look down I gasp. The child has a large syringe with a LARGE ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Xinyang July 29th 2012

HELLO XINYANG! And here are hugs from Lois! So many memories - as I come up out of the bus terminal the city greets. Loud and wide awake at 6am - greets me with a blast of hot air! Ahhhh xinyang . . . . I will forever love this city! Its like going back to your old hometown. You know its changed but there are so many memories and as you walk down the street you see so many things that haven't changed!!!! I arrived i Xinyang this morning about 6am. I have gotten a hotel room, been to church and gone shopping already this morning! All by myself too - no one to help me and you know I don't speak Chinese! Meg and Lois I miss you being here with me! Church was ... read more

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