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May 10th 2008
Published: August 3rd 2011
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The famous Shaolin temple, located in the Henan province, one of the most populous provinces in China, there is a Chinese saying: "all the style of the Kong Fu had the origin from Shaolin", in fact the Shaolin Kong Fu is very famous, the Shaolin temple always had the image from my mind, a peaceful place, the monks training, old buildings, but it is not like that now, the Shaolin temple is extremely commercial now, it is like a big entertainment park, the place I could find the feeling of old Shaolin is the "the forest of the pagodas", there is the to keep the elevated monks after the death.
The Longmen cave, it is one of three main stone cave in China, these caves have the sculptures and paintings about the Buddhism, it is quite rich of the culture and arts, even the Longmen have many fabulous stone sculptures of Buddhas and Saints, I discovered the Longmen cave is the less preserved of three after the visit of another two caves.
In my opinion what destroyed the Shaolin spirit is the capitalism, and the same capitalism is making the China to be more powerful every day, I am not saying the capitalism is not good, I just feel the speed of China is so fast, and the people there are losing their culture, faith and history running after the money.

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