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January 26th 2008
Published: July 13th 2011
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Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, near to Russia, there are a lot of Russian influence, there some Russian construction and so many Russian speaking the Mandarin. Harbin is also famous by Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, normally there have the Winter Olympics Games.
Harbin's dialect is very close to Mandarin, so you don't need to worry about, and the people from north of China have a simple and straight behavior, it is easier to deal with, and women there are quite beautiful in my opinion.
The main food there are pasta and dumpling, the temperature there in the winter can reach 30 degree under the zero, so outside of the house is better than any freezer in the world, and it is normal the people make the dumplings and put outside to freeze and then they just stock it, the foreigner always put the beer outside, because they love to drink the cold beers, it is really practical. Although the extremely cold outside, inside the building is very warm, because every building there has the heating system.
The Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival begin always when the Songhua river is totally frozen, in the beginning of the year, because the ices for sculpture festival are taken by the Songhua river, the sculpture are really magnificent, even the coldness the place worth to visit. Normally the ice sculpture and snow sculpture are in the different places, but both are in town.
There also have a museum of bacterium war, when the Japan invaded China by Manchuria region, the Japaneses made a lot of bio weapon test in China, and that museum was a factory for the bio weapon test, and now it is a museum about that. And pity that I couldn't go because it was closed in the day I had a free time, I hope I can go back there one day to visit the museum.

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