#110 Teaching at Taizhou Teachers College, China ( HARBIN, Part 1: Ice & Snow Extravaganza, and St. Sofia Cathedral )

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January 8th 2009
Published: January 8th 2009
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The crowded and long train left my home, cold Taizhou, Jiangsu, at 6:02pm and 24 hours later arrived in what is known as the "coldest" city of China, bone-chilling HARBIN, the capital of China's most northern province of Hailongjiang. The province of Hailongjiang has its borders with arctic Russian-Siberia, and HARBIN looks more like an Eastern-European or Russian city than a Chinese city. What... Read Full Entry

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Sugar-glazed fruits for sale everywhere in HarbinSugar-glazed fruits for sale everywhere in Harbin
Sugar-glazed fruits for sale everywhere in Harbin

These sugar-glazed fruits on a stick are sold at every street corner. This young vendor is standing by the river-walk, hoping for an early morning sale. The oversized, green, military-style coats can be seen everywhere, worn mostly by the locals.
The Year of the Ox in IceThe Year of the Ox in Ice
The Year of the Ox in Ice

The Oxen, wonderfully carved from blocks of ice, announces the "Year of the Ox -(2009)" everywhere in the city of Harbin.
I will leave you now for obvious reasons!I will leave you now for obvious reasons!
I will leave you now for obvious reasons!

Part 2 of my TravelBlog, highlighting my visit to Harbin is in the making after this necessary chore. Though it is impossible to relate the artic cold I have experienced in Harbin, my visit to this city will be forever edged in my heart and mind. Please enlarge the photos for greater appreciation of the fabulous works of art, made of ice and snow. Your comments and thoughts are always greatly appreciated. See you soon with Part 2: Harbin, China's City of Ice.

8th January 2009

Hi from Oz!
Hi Hans I am so pleased that you decided to travel to Haerbin for the Snow and Ice Festival as I did in 2008! I still can't believe you went without a hat! Aaaargh! Had a wonderful call from Stef the other day. Seems like she is in limbo a bit. Are you travelling home to the States this winter? Job-hunting is in full swing here- I'll let you know how I go. Miss you! Suexx Sue
8th January 2009

I think it's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing~
8th January 2009

Oh wow! I did not know that existed in China lol
9th January 2009

Hello Hans
You travelled a lot , hans, you are good!!! I think you can not remember me . you old freind.
9th January 2009

The sculptures are really overwhelming and sensational! It's been a local tradition over, God knows, how many years. Thank you, Hans, for having brought us so many detailed photos to look at. I could never have imagined the size, the scale and the beauty of the famous ice show, unless witnessed these colossal products, even only through their photos. Harbin is a place much colder than Berlin averagely in winter, despite the lower latitude, though both cities have a continental climate. The amount of labour and cost of creating such fantastic artistries must be huge, but, it worth the effort.
10th January 2009

are you cold there? take care of yourself.
10th January 2009

take care ! miss you , hugh
13th January 2009

Beautiful photos
Beautiful city.

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